Udaariyaan 13th July 2022 Written Update: Jasmine tells Gurpreet that Fateh and Tejo’s marriage is illegal


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The episode starts with Tejo saying to Fateh that she’s feeling sleepy. She asks Fateh to remove her jewels. He helps her for the same. Fateh feeds laadu to Tejo and milk. He wipes the extra milk from her lips. Tejo asks for pillow. Fateh says that he forgot and will get it. Tejo doesn’t let him go and says that she will sleep without pillow. But Fateh let Tejo sleep placing head on his chest. Other hand Lovely tells the Sandhus that Tejo and Fateh’s marriage is invalid in court’s point of view.

Dadi shuts Lovely up and says that God will do good and Tejo will get well soon. Lovely warns them to rectify the wrong before it gets late. Jasmine gets happy hearing Lovely’s words. She goes to her room. She talks to her child in her womb. She says that they still have a chance. She recalls Lovely’s words and searches on the internet about the same. She reads that if the person is mentally unstable, the marriage is invalid and gets delighted. She thinks that Tejo and Fateh can sleep in the same room only for tonight.

Fateh is making bed tea for Tejo. Nimmo comes there and taunts Fateh that he is doing the work of his wife. Fateh asks in which book is written only wife has to do all these. He leaves taking the tea. Nimmo comments about Fateh and Gurpreet laments. Fateh wakes up Tejo by dipping her finger in the tea. Tejo drinks the tea and eats the biscuit. Mahi asks Gurpreet to have food. Gurpreet refuses.

There Fateh sends Tejo to have bath. Here Gurpreet tells the family to do something as Jasmine is looking for a groom for herself. Kushbeer asks her to calm down. Gurpreet shouts and threatens to leave the house. She walks away. Biji says to Kushbeer that they should make Jasmine understand. Meanwhile Jasmine tells her family that she got a boy, who is handsome and young. She shows the photo to Satti, Lovely and Dadi.

Jasmine says that he has business in India as well as in Canada. Satti asks Jasmine how she can tell he is good without meeting him. Jasmine says that she doesn’t have any option, she is pregnant, so won’t get much option. Navraj says that someone delivered a bouquet. Jasmine says that she ordered the bouquet to congratulate Tejo. She leaves. Satti and Dadi get worried as they think that she shouldn’t go.

Tejo comes after getting shower and asks for her red color saree. Fateh gets happy that she remembers it. He gets her that saree. Tejo says that she doesn’t know to wear it. Fateh helps Tejo wear the saree. Tejo laughs and Fateh smiles seeing her happy. Tejo’s happiness disappears seeing Jasmine. Jasmine congeatulates Fateh and Tejo for their marriage and offers Tejo the flower bouquet. Tejo refuses to accept anything from her.

 Fateh also says that they don’t want. Jasmine says that they both should be happy of getting what they want and asks Tejo to take it as she likes roses. Tejo touches the rose and gets pricked by the thorn. Tejo shouts. Fateh gets worried. Tejo says that she doesn’t want Jasmine’s bouquet. Fateh asks her to leave.

Jasmine comes to Gurpreet. She sees Nimmo asking Gurpreet to not leave the house. Jasmine puts up an act and asks Gurpreet to not leave the house. She says that she is scared as she got to know that court doesn’t consider Fateh and Tejo’s marriage legal. She then says that she got a father for her chips and shows the guy’s photo to Gurpreet. She says that he lives in Canada and she may shift to Canada after marriage.

Gurpreet says that she won’t let her take away Amrik’s child. Jasmine says that the child will go with her/his mother. She asks Gurpreet to not worry about her child and blesses her. She apologizes and says that she is helpless. She leaves.

Gurpreet asks Fateh to stop Jasmine from getting married and asks Fateh to marry Jasmine. Fateh says that he already got married to Tejo. Gurpreet says that his marriage with Tejo is illegal.

The episode ends.

Precap: Fateh says that how he can stay in the house where their marriage is considered illegal. Gurpreet challenges Fateh to keep his responsibility towards insane Tejo without anyone’s help. Fateh accepts her challenge.

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