Udaariyaan 18th November 2022 Written Update: Nehmat learns that Naaz published Jayveer’s article


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The episode starts with Shelly asking Naaz if she talked to Nikhil about the wedding. Naaz says that even Nikhil doesn’t know as Mallika and Advait wedding will get postponed. Shelly says that because of Nehmat, Mallika won’t become Naaz’s sister-in-law. On the other hand, Ekam tells his subordinate officer that he is on leave the next day because of the puja organized for his dad. Nehmat comes to the police. She says to Elam that she didn’t publish Jayveer’s article and begs him to speak to her. But Elam walks away. Nehmat goes after him, begging him to speak with her. Elam asks Nehmat not to create a scene in public. He says that he doesn’t even want to see her and drives off. Later, Rupy and Satti have a discussion about Nehmat as she isn’t eating and sleeping as Elam refuses to talk to her. They worry about Nehmat. Rupy decides to talk to Elam the next day after the special puja organized for Jayveer at Randawa’s mansion. Naaz hears this and gets angry that they don’t worry about her wedding not happening. 

The next day, Elam welcomes the guests for the puja. Nehmat recalls Ekam’s words and attends the puja standing outside the house. Renuka faints. Rama asks Renuka to handle herself so that she can get Mallika married. Shamsher says to Renuka that Mallika is their responsibility hereafter. Advait says that he is with Ekam and Advait. Mallika thanks Advait. Rama says to Renuka that they can postpone the wedding if they want. Renuka says that Ekam will decide about it. Ekam says that the wedding won’t get cancelled as his dad was elated about this wedding. He says that Mallika and Advait’s wedding will give happiness to Jayveer. Bua says that they can’t do the wedding immediately after a death. Ekam says that he talked to the priest and said that the wedding could happen. Naaz feels relieved that her wedding will also take place. 

In Canada, Jasmine learns about this from someone through the call and is happy that her packing to go to India isn’t going to be wasted. She says that she has to convince Erline before going. She phones Erline and asks her to spend the evening with her. Erline agrees. Jasmine says that Nehmat is becoming a hurdle in Naaz’s life, so she has to go to Moha to help Naaz. She dances to the song Maahi Ve. Meanwhile, in India, Naaz and Shelly also dance to the song Maahi Ve. Naaz and Shelly then complain about Nehmat being always sad and spoiling the marriage environment in the house. Shelly says that Nehmat is begging for Ekam’s forgiveness and bets that now also, she will be seeking his forgiveness. 

Nehmat is doing service in the Gurudwara. She prays to God to help her to make Ekam believe that she didn’t publish the article. Just then, she sees Ekam doing service in Gurudwara. Nehmat goes to Ekam and tries to explain to him that she didn’t publish the article. Ekam accuses Nehmat of fulfilling her dream of becoming a big journalist by killing her dad. Nehmat remembers her conversation with Ekam. A FB shows. Nehmat says to Ekam that she wants big news which could create buzz in the media to become a star journalist. FB ends. Ekam says that he asked her many times about the article, but she hid the article from him. He says that she even went for Shimla to work on this article.  He says that for Nehmat only her carrier matters, not Ekam, his family and her dad. He congratulates Nehmat for becoming a star journalist in a mocking way, but asks her to remember that his dad’s death will also be remembered in her successful journalist story. He walks away. Nehmat goes after him. Nehmat stumbles and falls on the ground screaming Ekam. The latter stops and turns around.

Nehmat extends her hand to Ekam, hoping he will help her to get up. Ekam recalls Jayveer’s suicide letter. He ignores Nehmat and walks away. He sits on the jeep to drive off. Nehmat stands in front of the car. She admits going to Shimla for the article and says that she hid from him about the article not to become a star journalist, but so that there is not any problem at Mallika’s wedding. Ekam asks Nehmat if she didn’t publish the article, who else could do it when Nehmat worked on that article. And the article was on her laptop and she only knew the laptop password. Ekam blames Nehmat for Jayveer’s death. He says that he didn’t want Nehmat in his life. He wishes to never see Nehmat again and prays to God to give him strength to ignore her if he has to see her. Ekam angrily drives off. Nehmat recalls Ekam’s words and realizes that the article was on her laptop only and wonders who could have published it. 

Nehmat goes to Naaz. The latter sees scratches on Nehmat’s hand. Naaz asks Nehmat what happened to her. She makes her sit to treat her scratches. Naaz asks Nehmat to stop feeling guilty about her mistake. Nehmat denies publishing the article. Naaz asks then who could do this. Nehmat says that the one who knows her laptop passport and shares her room. Naaz asks Nehmat if she doubts her. Nehmat says that she’s 100℅ sure that Naaz did this. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Nehmat and Naaz fight. Sandhus try to separate them. Nehmat stops seeing a car in front of her. Jasmine is sitting in that car. Nehmat and Jasmine see each other and recognize

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