Udaariyaan 20th October 2022 Written Update: Ekam urges Nehmat to tell the truth

Udaariyaan 20th October 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Nehmat and Mallika trying to buy the same model of gold earrings at a jewellery shop by selling Tejo’s earrings. The owner asks Nehmat to take the earrings and pay the money when she can after learning that she’s Tejo’s daughter, since Tejo helped him a lot in the past. Nehmat and Mallika thank him and leave. Nehmat says that her parents still help her in a way despite not being alive. She asks Mallika not to tell Ekam this.

Later in the night, Ekam phones Nehmat and apologizes for overreacting. Nehmat says that they should meet the next day in their usual meeting place so that she can return his earrings and they can talk. Nehmat recalls Naaz’s words. She says that she can’t believe that Naaz can do this. She goes to talk to Naaz.

Nehmat stops at the doorstep, hearing Naaz refusing to have the food Shelly brought for her. She asks Shelly not to tell Rupy and Satti about her being sad, as they’re already worried about Nehmat’s and she doesn’t want to increase their worry. After Shelly leaves, Naaz talks with Jasmine’s photo and regrets stealing the earrings. She says that she is ashamed to face Nehmat after her action. She decided to end her life. Nehmat is shocked to hear this. Naaz sends a voice note to Nehmat and gets ready to leave the house. Nehmat stops Naaz and says that she heard everything. Naaz regrets her behavior. Nehmat pacifies her and asks her to promise not to make any wrong decisions and meet Varun again. Naaz promises the same. She hugs Nehmat. Naaz smirks and recalls overhearing Nehmat talking with Ekam and putting on an act to convince Nehmat. Naaz thinks of finding another guy to prove to Nehmat that she can also choose the right guy. Meanwhile, Advait receives his brother at the airport. The brothers meet and have a talk. Here, Nehmat advises Naaz to find a guy who respects her. She says that Ekam was hurt because of her act, but she’s certain that he will forgive her. Naaz manipulates Nehmat not to tell Ekam that she stole the earrings. Nehmat promises not to tell Ekam. Naaz hugs Nehmat and smirks. She thinks that she has to win Nehmat’s trust to win in her challenge to prove that Ekam isn’t perfect.

Nehmat and Ekam meet. Ekam gives Nehmat a sorry card and flowers. He apologizes to Nehmat for his behavior. Nehmat apologizes to Ekam for hiding the truth from him. Nehmat returns the earrings to Ekam till they get married. But Ekam makes Nehmat wear those earrings and admires her. He asks Nehmat how she found the earrings. Nehmat says to let go of this matter. Meanwhile, Mallika reads the horoscope of the day for Nehmat. It’s written that there will be tension in Nehmat’s love life. Mallika wonders if this is the reason for the problem between Ekam and Nehmat. She prays to God that they don’t worsen their relationship because of their anger. Here, Ekam urges Nehmat to tell him the truth. Nehmat thinks that she can’t tell the truth and makes her sister fall in the eyes of Ekam. She refuses. Ekam becomes angry with Nehmat and drives off despite Nehmat trying to stop him.

The episode ends.

Precap: Ekam gets his first mission, which is a dangerous one. Advait catches Nehmat from falling when a guy pushes her accidentally. Naaz clicks Advait and Nehmat’s photo. Ekam gets shot during the mission.

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