Udaariyaan 23rd September 2023 Written Update: The goons misbehave with Asmaan


Udaariyaan 23rd September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with conversation between Aliya and Armaan. Aliya makes Armaan promises that he will return to her as soon as his work will be done with Asmaan. Meanwhile, Asmaan also reaches in the party at the same time. But she doesn’t notice anything because Aliya leaves the place before her advent.

Armaan and Asmaan start dining. Seeing the indifferent face of Armaan, his wife asks why is he looking inattentive. Armaan doesn’t say her anything. Seeing them together, Aliya feels an immense jealous. As Armaan promised Aliya that he will have his dinner with Aliya, he says he is not feeling any hunger. Suddenly, the waiter asks them to perform together.

Armaan asks Asmaan whether she has arranged this thing. But Asmaan says she only arranged a candel light dinner. Being in the romantic environment, Armaan and Asmaan start to dance. They closely dance with each other. Suddenly two guys mock Armaan as they have seen Armaan playing with two girls. They starts misbehaving with Asmaan. Being offended, Armaan beats them up and protects Asmaan from the evils.

After a while, those two guys bring their team and create a chaos in the restaurant. The squabble becomes triggered when Armaan shows her masculinity. One of the guys also threats Armaan with a gun. But Asmaan suggests Armaan to escape from the place. They both run from the restaurant and hide themselves in a car. But those goons also follow them. Meanwhile, Police arrives there and they get saved.

In the road, Asmaan gets a injury in his leg and Armaan takes her in his lap. The closeness makes Asmaan more embarrassed and shy. Coming in a Dhaba, Armaan orders some Punjabi foods, but he doesn’t take any food as he promises that he will have his dinner with Aliya. They start walking packing their food. But suddenly the rain starts to fall. Here, Aliya can’t bear the nuptial life of Armaan. She has been suffering from a impatience and knocks at the door of Armaan. But no one is there. After a while, she notices Armaan and Asmaan are coming together.

Here, in the house of Armaan, his mother and Biji become tensed whether Asmaan would take Armaan in Canada. If Armaan was promised by Asmaan that she will take Armaan in Canada, she will keep her promise. But they couldn’t live without Armaan. But Biji promises that she would never let this happen.

Episode ends.