Udaariyaan 26th February 2024 Written Update: Zaid’s adoption paper arrives.


Udaariyaan 26th February 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with, Armaan and Aasman looking for Zaid all over the market. She prays to Babaji to give her some clue at least. The child trafficking group gets Zaid to change his clothes and make him wear a girl’s cloth. One of them throws his clothes in a dustbin in the market and sets fire to it. Aasman gets to see her chunni and Zaid clothes .She tells Armaan that Zaid is here somewhere. He informs Ekam and asks him to come here. As the men play cards, Zaid gets up and stands near the window. He gets a glimpse of Armaan and recalls his image with a gun.

While Baby questions Alia why she supported them and what is her motive, she says that she has realised the importance of a family and knows why they sent Zaid back. Zaid is asked to orate a poem so he orates the poem that Aasman taught her. Aasman gets to hear his voice so she tells Armaan that Zaid must be here since she heard his voice. One of those goons stops Zaid and punishes him. Aasman gets to see Zaid from the window and that he is being punished in a girl’s clothing by some men. She shows this to Armaan. As Armaan gets agitated, Aasman stops him and says that there are a lot of other children with him so they must save all of them. She says that she has a plan.

After some time, Aasman enters the factory as a cleaner. Although the men try to stop her, she starts cleaning. Aasman tries to find the girls. She gets to hear a child’s cry so she follows the noise and reaches a room where the children are kept in a box. While the men keep on banging the door, Aasman gathers the kids near a back door and informs Armaan. He takes away Zaid and tries to take out the rest of the children. She opens the front door and fights the goons. Ekam comes and arrests the goons. A courier arrives in Armaan Gill’s name. Sukhi reads it and says that Armaan is adopting Zaid.

Baby instigates Sukhi against Armaan and asks him to talk to Armaan regarding this. Armaan and Aasman come back home with Zaid. He feeds sweets to everyone. Baby asks why he is feeding sweets to everyone. Zaid points at Zaid and says it’s in the happiness of his arrival. Armaan says that it’s by God’s blessing that they got him back. Aasman asks Zaid why he left the house. Raja comes telling everyone that Armaan and Aasman are on news and they saved Zaid and the other kids like a hero. Raja takes away Zaid to play.

Sukhi asks Armaan why he took such a drastic decision without asking them. Baby raises the question of property. Armaan says that since Zaid is their child, everything of theirs would be Zaid’s. Baby asks how they would have a child of their own when they sleep in different rooms. Armaan asks her not to worry about those things as it’s their personal matter. Aasman says that she doesn’t see any big difference between her and Zaid since she is an enemy’s daughter and Zaid is from an enemy state. Both of them need love. She makes her family do a ritual for their acceptance. She introduces Armaan to Zaid as his father. Alia decides not to let this adoption happen. Episode ends.

Precap : Alia would be seen planning something against Aasman again.