Udaariyaan 27th February 2024 Written Update: Zaid hits Aasman by mistake.


Udaariyaan 27th February 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Aasman introducing Zaid to his father Armaan. Sukhi says that he can’t give the commitment to accept Zaid so early but he would surely support them. Aasman thanks him. Armaan announces a cricket match the next day for Zaid’s addition in this family. Zaid still looks scared of Armaan

Alia comes and asks if she can participate in the match too, Raja asks her to stay away. Before the match starts, the team gets divided into two groups – men and women. Aasman asks Zaid to play in the men’s team and says that Armaan saved him last day so he must not be scared of his father. As he doesn’t agree to play in the men’s team, Baby and others ask her to leave Zaid and let him play inside the house. She asks Zaid to go inside and play.

Armaan’s team wins the toss so they start batting. Zaid goes inside the house so Alia taunts Zaid saying he doesn’t know how to play cricket. As he says he can play, she gives him a bat and asks him to show how he plays. As the bat is very heavy for him, Alia says everyone would laugh at him so she shows him how to play. She asks him to try this on his own now. While everyone enjoys the match outside, Alia plotsagainst Aasman and Zaid. As Armaan makes scores a six, the ball goes faraway. Alia shows him where the ball has reached and asks him to go there and use his bat with all his strength so that they take him in their team.

Aasman goes inside the bushes to find the ball and so does Zaid. He moves towards the ball to hit it with the bat but hits Aasman’s belly. Alia becomes happy seeing this. She wonders if Zaid has hit the right point, Aasman would lose the power to be a mom again and when the family would get to know this is done by Zaid they would throw him out.Asmaan asks Zaid to promise he would never tell anyone th him to run back home. She gets up and comes out of the bush running. She pretends to hide her pain and runs to bowl. As she raises her hand, she faints. Everyone runs to check on her.

Aasman is taken to the hospital. The doctor asks if anyone hit her in the belly. Aasman says nothing like this has happened. The doctor says that if nothing like this has happened then there can be only one reason – someone must have forced her. Armaan gets agitated hearing this and screams at the doctor. Baby asks if anything happened in the Hydercoat. Episode ends

Precap : Armaan would be informed that Aasman is pregnant.