Udaariyaan 28th February 2023 Written Update: Advait sends his goon to attack Nehmat


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The episode starts with Ekam’s subordinate officers congratulating Ekam on his engagement and asking him to have a drink. Ekam accepts. Advait’s goon enters the venue, hiding his face. Ekam notices him. He wonders who he is and why he is hiding his face. He goes after him. The goon phones Advait. He says that Nehmat isn’t in the engagement. Advait says that Nehmat will definitely come and asks him to wait. He recalls overhearing Naaz saying to Nehru that Nehmat is going to attend Ekam and Harlem’s engagement ceremony. Ekak arrives there and notices the goon. The goon also notices Ekam. He walks away. Ekam finds a screwdriver and wonders what he is doing with it. 

Nehmat arrives at the venue along with the Sandhus. Renuka sees Nehmat and asks her what she’s doing here. Rupy reminds Renuka that she invited them by coming to their house. Renuka says that she didn’t invite Nehmat. She says that she can’t tolerate Nehmat. Rupy says fine and gets ready to leave, taking Nehmat along with them. Just then, Harleen arrives. She thanks Nehmat for coming. She says to Renuka that Nehmat is her special guest. She gives Nehmat credit for convincing the Sandhus to attend her engagement. She invites Sandhus inside. Rupy hesitates. Nehmat asks Rupy to go inside. The Sandhus go in. Renuka stops Nehmat and warns her not to try to spoil her son’s engagement. 

Advait’s goon plans the attack on Nehmat. Mallika notices Nehmat and recalls what happened in the guest house. Nehmat congratulates Mallika. The latter says thanks. Ekam notices Nehmat and becomes emotional. He thinks that he and Nehmat would have got engaged if everything was fine. Nehmat goes to Ekam and congratulates him. Ekam thanks Nehmat. Ekam takes Rupy’s blessings. He wipes his tears. Nehmat notices this. 

Mallika and Renuka hear people recognizing Nehmat as Ekam’s ex and gossiping about Nehmat leaving Ekam and marrying the politician Advait. Renuka calls out Ekam and Harleen on the stage. The engagement rituals begin. Nehmat becomes emotional at seeing Ekam with Harleen. Two ladies ask Nehmat about Advait not coming. Nehmat gives some excuse. Later, Nehmat hears them gossiping about Advait being engaged to Mallika first. 

Nehmat takes the engagement rings to Ekam and Nehmat. Kismat plays in the BG. She becomes emotional while giving the engagement rings to Ekam and Harleen. Nehmat distributes flower petals to everyone and stands with her family. Satti takes a tose and puts it in her hair. The priest asks Ekam and Harleen to exchange the rings. Harleen first puts the ring onto Ekam’s finger. Nehmat, becomes teary eyes, recalling her and Ekam’s moments. Sacchi Mohabbat plays in the BG. Harleen gestures to Ekam to make her wear the ring. Ekam holds Harleen’s hand. He looks towards Nehmat for a while before sliding the ring onto Harleen’s finger. Nehmat cries. Harleen is overjoyed. Nehmat walks away feeling sad. Ekam notices this and worries about her. 

Advait wonders why his goon hasn’t called him yet. He wonders whether he killed Nehmat or not. Nehmat moves away from the stage and cries. The goon sees Nehmat and cuts the rope to kill her.

The episode ends.

Precap: Nehmat and Harleen dance. The goon attack Nehmat. Ekam sees Nehmat in danger and runs to save her.

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