Udaariyaan 31st January 2022 Written Update: Angad tries to cheer up Tejo


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The episode starts with Rupy thanking Angad for supporting them in their trouble. Satti says that Tejo is shattered because of Jasmine. Rupy says that Tejo needs a friend like Angad now. Angad promises that he will be with Tejo and not let her shatter. He asks where Tejo is. Tejo is sad recalling Fateh’s words. Angad comes to Tejo. The latter gets surprised on seeing Angad and asks if he has any work to her. Angad says that he has come to cheer his disturbed friend. He says that he has a surprise for her. Tejo requests him not anymore surprise especially not today. Angad says that they will find a solution and asks her to not give up. He says that he prepared this surprise with lot of efforts and if she doesn’t come, his efforts will go vain.

Jasmine arrives at the Virks with music band. She complains that the house atmosphere doesn’t look like wedding is going to take place. The wedding planner says that he remedied it. A group of girls enter the Virks house and dance. Angad assures Rupy that he will handle Tejo. Angad leaves with Tejo. Rupy says that only Angad can keep Tejo happy, Fateh can only make her cry. Satti reminds him that Tejo loves Fateh only. Rupy prays to God that Tejo forget Fateh and gives place for Angad in her heart. Rupy says that he will never forgive Fateh. He leaves. Satti laments that Rupy is refusing to forgive Fateh while Fateh is sacrificing his life. Jasmine doesn’t let Fateh and anyone live.

Jasmine dances while Virks look helpless. Jasmine finishes her dance performance and claps for herself. Jasmine sits on the couch next to Biji. She orders to get her tea. Jasmine stops Gurpreet by lifting her leg in front of Gurpreet. She makes Gurpreet sits and orders Mayi to get tea for her. Mayi glares at Jasmine. The latter taunts her and asks her to go. Mayi gets angry. She kicks the flower vase and leaves from there. Jasmine gets furious. Gurpreet apologizes to Jasmine on behalf of Mayi and takes the vase and the flowers. Jasmine threatens Gurpreet saying that she make Mayi’s situation similar to Amrik’s.

Angad brings Tejo to an opening ceremony of a dabba. The woman in dabba says that it’s possible because of Tejo. Jasmine celebrates her mehndi function. She forces Gurpreet to apply mehndi. Nimmo, Simran and Mayi say to Jasmine to celebrate her mehndi function,but not force them. Jasmine threatens them saying that they have hidden a murderer at home. They can also get jailed with him for hiding him. Tejo cuts the ribbon and opens the dabba. Just then Jasmine’s one friend arrive there with her cousin, Palak, who is a police officer. Jasmine friend says to tell her if she wants to send anyone to the Jail. Jasmine says sure. Gurpreet requests Nimmo, Mayi and Simran to tolerate Jasmine. She asks them to apply mehndi on their hands for Fateh and Amrik’s sake. Nimmo, Simran and Mayi agree. Jasmine says to Gurpreet that she understood very fast that she can spoil he son’s life and asks her to maintain it. Jasmine dances with her friends.

At the dabba, the ladies takes Tejo to dance. Angad phones someone and asks if he enquired about what he has asked. He says that he needs it urgently. Amrik sees a police officer in the function. He gets scared and tries to leave, but Jasmine drags Amrik and introduces him as her brother in law. Jasmine asks Amrik to drop Palak at the police station. Jasmine says that Amrik never refuse her and he can stand on his one leg for her. Jasmine asks Amrik to show it to her friends. Amrik obeys and stands in one leg. Family and Fateh look on angrily feeling helpless. Jasmine says ro Amrik to pick her parents up while coming up. Amrik asks why they will come with him. Jasmine says that it’s her mehndi and sangeet so her family should come. She sends him.

Tejo is worried about what drama Jasmine is doing at Virks in the name of Mehndi and Sangeet function. Amrik begs the Sandhus to attend Jasmine’s mehndi and Sangeet ceremony else Jasmine will torture her family. Rupy agrees to come. Navraj refuses to come saying he will at home with Dilraj and thankfully Tejo isn’t at home. Fateh gives Bauji medicine. Bauji asks where Kushbeer is. Fateh says that he has gone to register property papers. Fateh asks Bauji to rest. Fateh feels bad that he can’t stop Jasmine. Sandhus arrive at the Virks. Jasmine welcomes them and asks where Tejo is. Rupy says that she doesn’t come. Jasmine says that Tejo will feel bad seeing her mehndi function, but she strictly says that everyone should attend her wedding. She orders Amrik to feed her family sweet as mehndi is applied on her hands. Amrik obeys. Jasmine then orders Gurpreet to meet her in laws. Gurpreet also obliges. Jasmine dances. Fateh looks on angrily. He thinks that he can’t see his family getting humiliated and decides to put a full stop for Jasmine’s drama.

The episode ends.