Udaariyaan 8th August 2022 Written Update: Jasmine hides her miscarriage from the family


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The episode starts with Gurpreet and Mahi come to the police station to see Simran. Gurpreet sees a drunkard in the jail and worries about Simran being among them. Gurpreet assures Simran that Fateh will soon bail her out soon. Simran worries about Candy.

Elsewhere Fateh, Tejo, Kushbeer and Rupy meet the brother of the jude. Kushbeer and Rupy request him to bail Simran out talking to his brother. Here in the jail Simran feels ashamed of Aman’s act. Mahi says that she isn’t at fault. There the man says that he follows the rules and he can’t go against them. He refuses to help them. Here Gurpreet cries that all her children are in trouble. She remembers about Jasmine and wonders if she’s fine.

Elsewhere Jasmine gets ready to go Amritsar. Her friend asks why she wants to go to Amritsar. Jasmine says that she doesn’t have any option, she doesn’t want to get insulted or go to the jail. Her friend asks why Fateh will send her to the jail. Jasmine refuses to answer her. She notices a girl holding a baby in her arms and begging.

At the Virks all tries to convince Candy to have food. Candy gets adamant to see Simran. Just then Simran comes back home. A FB shows. Tejo notices photo frame of the man with his daughter. Tejo recognizes the girl and says that she failed his daughter in the college as she wasn’t good in studies.

She says that being her dad he must have used his influence to get her degree and says that Kushbeer is also trying to save his daughter at any cost. She requests him to help to bail out Simran. FB ends. Simran thanks Tejo. Simran is scared that Aman will get Candy’s custody using the DNA report he has. Fateh assures Simran that he won’t and says that he is going to meet the lawyer regarding this. Tejo also accompanies Fateh.

Fateh and Tejo are on the road. Fateh says that everything is fine now. Tejo says that it’s the peace before a storm and Aman is a very cheap person. She says that they should fall weak else Simran and Candy will also fall weak. Fateh says that Tejo is his strength and everything will fine until she’s fine. Suddenly it starts raining. Fateh and Tejo get drenched. They start dancing in the rain. They hug. They break their hug hearing bottle breaking sound. Aman comes to them along with his friends. He tells a shaayari to Tejo. Fateh gets angry and tries to hit. Tejo stops Fateh hugging him.

Aman says that Fateh is his illegal brother-in-law as his sister gave birth to his child before marriage. Fateh warns Fateh and tries to hit him, but Tejo stops him again. Aman calls out Tejo and says that there’s something special in her name which makes Fateh angrier. Aman keeps provoking Fateh. He says Fateh to beat him and says that he can fir due to heart attack if he shows so much anger. He says that if Tejo gets window, he will fulfill all her wishes.

Tejo holds Fateh from hitting Aman. Tejo scolds Aman and says that he can’t take Candy away and he doesn’t deserve to be called his dad. Aman says that he will get Candy and whatever he wants at any cost. He says that he is keeping an eye on her whole family especially Tejo. He laughs and walks away. Fateh hits the car venting his anger out.

Tejo advises Fateh to keep head cool in front of Aman as he is intentionally provoking him. She says to not tell family about what happened. Fateh agrees. Mahi comes to them and says that Gurpreet is worried about Jasmine as she didn’t come back home yet. Fateh wonders what’s her new drama this is.

Tejo comes to Gurpreet and apologizes to Gurpreet that she didn’t aware that Jasmine hasn’t returned home yet. Mahi says that maybe Aman did something with Jasmine knowing she’s pregnant. Fateh comes and scolds Mahi for scaring Gurpreet. He says that Jasmine isn’t worried about anyone and must be having with her friends. Just then Jasmine comes back home. Fateh asks where she was Jasmine says that she was with her friend who lost her brother. She goes to her room saying she goes to change her clothes.

Tejo comes to Jasmine’s room taking her dinner. The latter gets tensed and asks why she didn’t knock before entering the room. Tejo notifies that her baby bump is visible and is about to touch it. Jasmine prevents her. Just then Gurpreet comes to them and says that the child will grow with each months. Tejo suggests taking Jasmine to the gynecologist the next day and does her ultrasound test.

Gurpreet wants to accompany them. Jasmine stops Gurpreet from touching her bump. She sends them out saying that they should be with Simran as she must be worried. Tejo feels something is fishy and wonders if she’s fine. Jasmine removes her fake pregnancy bump and says that Tejo is smart and she should be more careful with her.

The episode ends.

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