Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Aasmaa to get trapped in Alia’s evil plans


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Colors TV show Udaariyaan has always been full of twists and turns. The show will give viewers more dramatic episodes with Alia and Aasmaa’s face off. With both of them trying to outsmart each other, who will finally win this challenge?

In the previous episode, Aasmaa told everyone that will prepare the food with wood oven for her first rasoi. Alia will struggle to light the fire on the wood. Aasmaa hears Raja’s voice and rushes outsid. Armaan asks Raja not to ride the bike. Alia recalls the way she asked Raja to take her to the temple on bike. Raja ends up having dislocation.

Alia acts innocent when Armaan confronts her and later provokes Raja against his family. Armaan says to Aasmaan that Alia is using Raja for her plan. Aasmaa thinks that he is right but she can’t reveal it to him. Later, Raja consoles Alia. Armaan says to Aasmaa that he can’t allow Alia to ruin Raja’s life. Aasmaa asks him to control his anger.

In the upcoming episode, Aasmaa will fall into Alia’s trap. Alia will keep her locked in room and when other family members gather there, she will show the opposite and will tell Aasmaa tried to hurt her.

Raja will lose his temper and end up hitting Aasmaa on her head. Will Aasmaa be able to help Raja?

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