Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Alia confesses her crimes!


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Udaariyan is going to be more entertaining as Alia has confessed everything and Raja has come back.

In the latest episode, Armaan and Aasman save Raja from getting hit by the falling chandelier. As Rano runs to him and hugs him, he pushes off Rano and asks if she is also trying to kill her. She tries to convince him that parenta can never think like this for their kids but Raja says he doesn’t trust them at all.

Alia is seen running away so Aasman stops her and brings her back. She makes Alia confess her acts. As she confesses everything, everyone is shocked to hear her and Raja becomes even more agitated.

He points the gun at Alia and says he would kill her. Aasman stops him so he says he has to kill either Alia or himself or else he won’t be able to be at peace. So he points the gun at himself.

Armaan runs to snatch the gun from Raja. Seeing all this, Zaid is seen running towards the hall. Aasman runs towards Zaid so that he doesn’t get hit by the bullet by any chance. In the tussle between

Raja and Armaan, the trigger gets pulled and Aasman gets shot. After the doctor dresses Aasman’s wound, Armaan packs their bag and decides to leave the house forever.

Rano and Sukhi ask Armaan where they are off to, so he says they are leaving this house. Aasman says she doesn’t want to go. Sukhi says that the circumstances forced them to take such action. Aasman says she always wanted a big family and this is it so she can’t leave this.

She asks Armaan to change his mind. What would happen next?

Would Armaan stay back? What would happen to Alia now?

To know more, keep watching Udaariyan.