Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Harleen saves Ilahi

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Colors TV’s popular daily soap, Udaariyaan, is gearing up for more drama with Harleen convincing Nehmat to go on date with Ekam.

In the current track it shown that Harleen informing Rupy that Nehmat is with her also Renuka accepted Nehmat which makes the Sandhu’s happy. Naaz gets furious learning this. Nehmat apologises to Rupy for her decision but the latter refuses to forgive her saying even Tejo never done such things. The family members tries to convince Rupy.

Nehmat promises Rupy that she won’t repeat this mistake again. Rupy forgives Nehmat. Ekam celebrates with his friend his happiness to getting married to Nehmat finally. His friend suggests him to take Nehmat on a date before marriage.

Here, Renuka arrives to the Sandhu’s house. She apologises to them for her behaviour towards them then praises Nehmat and Harleen also expresses her happiness to have Nehmat as her daughter in law. Naaz and Mallika gets angry.

Later, Ekam misunderstands Harleen as Nehmat so ends up expressing his desire to her. Harleen makes fun of Ekam. Nehmat questions Ekam for being there at late night. Ekam asks her to go on a date but Nehmat refuses.

Harleen sends Ekam out then convinces Nehmat to go on a date with Ekam. Nehmat gets ready for her date. Harleen compliments Nehmat’s look.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Ranjit will meet Jasmine. He will say to Jasmine after this plan gets succeed he will get Ilahi and Nehmat will die. Later Nehmat will be seen in the mandap. She will get shocked seeing her dupatta catching fire. Ekam, Jahaan and Ilahi will shout Nehmat and rushes to save Nehmat. Nehmat will looks on shocked.

What will happen next? Will Harleen learns about Jasmine’s plans against Nehmat?

Can Harleen protect Nehmat from Jasmine’s evil ploys?

Will Ekam and Nehmat’s marriage takes place?

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