Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Jasmine to plan to worsen Tejo’s mental condition!


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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for drama with Gurpreet asking Fateh to leave Tejo’s side.

Previously it was seen that Jasmine fainted to fall weak. Sandhus got worried and called a doctor. On knowing this Gurpreet and Kushbeer arrived to see Jasmine. Doctor scolded the family for failing to look after Jasmine who is pregnant despite being a big family.

Jasmine smirked recalling throwing The food given by Satti as she ate pizzas and burger outside. Gurpreet rebuked Sandhus for not taking good care of Jasmine. Tejo called Jasmine liar. Fateh calmed Tejo and too her apart. Gurpreet asked Sandhus to keep Tejo locked in a room as she’s mentally ill.

Gurpreet refused to treat his daughter like that. Later Gurpreet advised Fateh to leave Tejo stating her mental condition. Fateh reminded Gurpreet whatever Tejo did for him and this family. He said that in return of that he would do everything possible for Tejo. He refused to leave Tejo’s side at any cost which worried Gurpreet.

Later Fateh met Tejo and convinced her to get ready to see the doctor. Jasmine fumed on seeing this.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Fateh and Tejo will be on the way in the bus. They will have a happy moment together and play with the flower petals.

Jasmine will say that Fateh hopes to cure Tejo, but she will make her condition worse so that Fateh will give up on Tejo by himself. Fateh will bring Tejo to a place that they have already visited.

Tejo will remember their visit and everything which is related to that place. Fateh will get happy on hearing this.

What will happen next? Will Jasmine get successful in her evil intention?

Will Fateh be able to bring back Tejo’s lost memories?

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