Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Raja comes home to seek revenge!


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In the latest episode, Murtazim is seen apologising to Aasman for his request and dare. He says that he has seen her poor condition back at Armaan’s place and if Rano and Sukhi hadn’t requested him and entrusted upon her responsibility, he would have never said this. He says he would abide by whatever she decides to do as he is aware of the bond between her and Armaan.

Aasman hugs Zaid and turns around. As she comes to this side, she hugs Armaan and both of them cry. Meanwhile Zaid had been watching all of this so he crossed the border and came running to Aasman. Murtazim runs behind him. He crosses the border and comes to Aasman’s side.

As Murtazim tries to come to this side, the police officer comes and asks him to stop. Although he stops, the Indian border force shoots him. He is taken away by the border police. Aasman and Armaan get shocked to see this.

They come back home with Zaid. As they go inside, they find his whole family tied to each other with a rope. As Armaan asks who did all of this, Raja hits Armaan from behind.

Seeing Raja, he says that he always knew that his brother was alive and asks for a hug. Raja pushes off Armaan and says that no one loves him and they are all like Alia. Raja even ties Armaan with them. He ties Aasman separately and Alia along with others. He brings a coil of electric wires.

Aasman gets rid of her ties and turns off the main switch. As she unties her family, Raja fires twice at the ceiling so Armaan and Aasman run towards her to save him from the falling chandelier.

To know what happens next, keep watching Udaariyan and stay tuned for more updates.