Vanshaj 18th November 2023 Written Update: Vidur tries to warn Neel!

Vanshaj 18th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Neel staring at Yuvika leaving in her car after thanking her for everything. Vidur comes and reminds Neel that Yuvika isn’t the one from Rishikesh now. Neel fails to understand what he is saying so he asks what he is trying to say. Vidur says that she is no longer Yuvika Nagar from Rishikesh but Yuvika Mahajan an heir of the Mahajan industries. So he warns Neel to not forget his own standard. Neel says that Yuvika isn’t like the Mahajans at all. Vidur leaves without saying a word.

Yuvika hangs a photo of Prem on the wall and says that whenever she talks to Bhanu she feels like she is talking to him. She sees a shadow walking outside her room so she picks up a flower vase and walks towards the curtain. She starts beating the man with it. Neel shouts and says that it’s him. Yuvika asks why he was hiding in her room. Neel holds her hand so Yuvika gets up and says that she has a good suggestion to heal her wound and makes a joke. Neel pulls her close to him and says that he has something for her.

Damini asks DJ to stop drinking. Dj asks her to leave him alone. He says that even his mom didn’t stand for him tonight so how can he expect that Damini would support him. Dj mourns and asks Damini to leave. Damini gives him more alcohol and asks him to drink. Dj says that no one cares about him and no one loves him. Damini says she won’t leave him and she cares for him. She says she won’t leave him since she loves him.

Neel asks Yuvika if she can see sadness on his face. She says no so Neel asks why her temperature is raised then. He caresses her face. Suddenly someone knocks at her door so she hides Neel inside the cupboard. Isha and Arjun ask her if she is okay. Yuvika says that everything is okay. As Isha sees the cupboard door open she hurries to close it but Yuvika stops her and stands in front of the cupboard. Isha talks about Neel and her so she diverts the talk and asks them to leave for now. After they leave, Neel confesses his feelings to Yuvika and asks if she loves him or not. Then he kisses her cheek and leaves. Yuvika stares at him blankly but says nothing.

Dhanraj gets to know about DJ’s humiliation so he asks Gargi why she didn’t inform him. He says that he could never raise his voice in front of Bhanu, so what would he have done? Dhanraj says that this is about his son so he would have surely done something. Gargi instigates Dhanraj and asks him to do something and makes it very clear that she will never let Yuvika win.

Bhoomi sees Prem’s photo and talks to it. She hopes that he shows Yuvika the right path and Lord shows them the way to escape from this trap of the Mahajana as soon as possible. Yuvika smiles and blushes after Neel leaves. Bhanu asks Vidur to call on a board meeting since he has something very important to announce. Gargi tells Dhanraj that the time has come to take the biggest decision. Episode ends.

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