Vanshaj 7th December 2023 Written Update: Dj plots against Yuvika.


Vanshaj 7th December 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the workers supporting Yuvika and telling her that they won’t back off from working extra hours. Yuvika says that their hard work would pay off soon and when it does, they would have another dinner together like a family. They all agree to praise Yuvika. Yuvika thanks everyone and takes their leave. Bhanu praises Yuvika to Vidur and says that he is thinking of taking rest at home from now on since Yuvika is doing wonders alone. Vidur says that he can’t stop coming to office since he doesn’t trust Dhanraj and Dj at all. They can ruin everything any moment. Dj looks at the share prices on his tab and talks to himself. He says when a bomb falls from high above the blast turns out even more ferocious.

Dhanraj informa Dj that he has sent an evacuation notice and he would vacate the house in ten days. Dj asks if he won’t talk to Bhanu regarding this. Dhanraj says that Vidur is a hardworking, and decent man so he won’t ask for any help from anyone no matter what. Vidur asks Bhanu to think if Dj and Dhanraj are happy at all seeing Yuvika on the chair. On top of that he has added a clause in his will and along with it he has also given up his eleven percent to Subhadra so that would add up to their desperation.

Vidur says to Bhanu that Late Shantiprasad must have surely thought about it while keeping Subhadra away from that eleven percent share. Dj says to Dhanraj that since Neel is in love with Yuvika, he won’t accept his defeat so easily. Dhanraj asks Dj to focus on Yuvika now. Dj says they have to pay more attention to Neel. Vidur explains to Bhanu that Shanti Prasad might have feared that if he gives Subhadra the eleven percent, then the two siblings might stand against Prem. Combining Subhadra and Dhanraj’s share, they would have thirty six percent share in the company which is huge. Vidur reads a clause from Shanti Prashad’s will that when needed it is their responsibility to provide every aide to her. Vidur warns Bhanu that he can’t stop coming to office now.

Neel enters Yuvika’s office and greets him as his madam. He says that he has come here for an interview. Neel tells Yuvika that he can’t leave. He was very upset regarding the past night but then it’s okay and he can’t leave her alone in her crucial time now. He says to Yuvika that he has come for a job here. Yuvika asks if he has gone mad since he has already got investors for his startup and has received his first payment. Neel says he has returned the cheque. Yuvika asks how he could do it since the startup is his dream and first love. Neel says that the startup is his dream for sure but his only love is Yuvika.

Yuvika fails to understand why Neel is trying for a job here. Neel explains to Yuvika that he can help her with her work here. Yuvika says that she understands that he cares for her and wants to help her but he can’t do this injustice with him since he is overqualified for this post. Her assistant comes and informs them that they have received a notice for the delivery in one week. She panics and enquires about the entire problem and gets to know about some more complications.A government official Mr. Khosla visits Mahajan office and warns Yuvika of blacklisting their company. Dj asks Khosla to cancel the order. Yuvika assured Khosla that they would do the deliveries by next day. Dj asks her not to take it but she assures Khosla very confidently. Episode ends.

Precap : A mishap happens at the Mahajan Factory.