Vanshaj 9th December 2023 Written Update: Neel meets with an accident.


Vanshaj 9th December 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the workers ensuring Yuvika that they have prepared the samples and they would complete the entire work by tonight. Yuvika becomes overwhelmed. Ruhi comes to the office to tell Dj about the pregnancy but he refuses to talk to her and asks her to leave. Then he pushes her off while Yuvika saves her from tripping.

Vidur assures Bhanu that he would never let anyone sign such a contract with such dangerous clauses. Bhanu doubts on Dj for once but then refutes himself thinking that Dj won’t do it since it involves tha Mahajan’s reputation . Vidur asks for some time from Bhanu to find out the truth and not worry. Bhanu asks how can he not worry since these are the little things that lead to enmity and distrust.

Yuvika says to Neel that she would deliver the order by herself next morning since this is her first consignment and she doesn’t want to take any chances. Dj decides to not let the delivery happen and plans something against her. Next morning Yuvika checks the packages and gets them loaded in their container. DJ’s plan is to not let her be successful since if she can’t get the delivery on time then the order would be cancelled. Yuvika says she would leave alone for the place since the tempo would reach by the time she reaches. Suddenly one of the workers informed them that the tempo driver was missing.

Everyone starts looking for the driver but since they don’t find him, Neel leaves alone in the tempo. Dj has bribed the tempo driver who has failed the breaks of the tempo and switched off his mobile. Half way down the road, Neel realises that the brake is not working. He hits a pole and ends up safely. He calls Yuvika and informs about the issue. Yuvika asks him to check the curtains in his tempo. He sees that the containers are empty. It was Yuvika who got the consignment kept at another tempo and left alone. She informs Neel how she had presumed the situation and acted accordingly. Dj waits in his office for Khosla’s call. Khosla calls him and inform that the delivery has been done on time.

Yuvika comes back to the office and asks how dare he stoop down to this level that he fiddled with the contract so that thr Mahajan Group incurs losses. Dj acts like he doesn’t understand anything whatever she’s saying. Yuvika confronts him and says that due to him today Neel’s life was in danger. He still acts like he doesn’t know anything. Yuvika says that she knows all the truth about him and whatever he did. Dj says that she is putting false allegations on him and doesn’t have any proof. Yuvika shows him a stamp paper. Episode ends.

Precap : A new character Kabir would be seen who would be another stumbling block for Yuvika.