Vanshaj Upcoming Story: Vidur gives Bhanu Pratap a reality check!


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Bhanu praises Yuvika to Vidur and says that he is thinking of taking rest at home from now on since Yuvika is doing wonders alone. Vidur says that he can’t stop coming to office since he doesn’t trust Dhanraj and Dj at all. They can ruin everything any moment. Dj looks at the share prices on his tab and talks to himself. He says when a bomb falls from high above the blast turns out even more ferocious.

Dhanraj informa Dj that he has sent an evacuation notice and he would vacate the house in ten days. Dj asks if he won’t talk to Bhanu regarding this. Dhanraj says that Vidur is a hardworking, and decent man so he won’t ask for any help from anyone no matter what.

Vidur asks Bhanu to think if Dj and Dhanraj are happy at all seeing Yuvika on the chair. On top of that he has added a clause in his will and along with it he has also given up his eleven percent to Subhadra so that would add up to their desperation.

Vidur gives Bhanu a reality check and warns him about Dj, Dhanraj and Subhadra’s intentions. He says to Yuvika that he has come for a job here.

Yuvika tells him that he is overqualified for this job and she can’t do injustice to her.One of Mahajan’s clients,Mr. Khosla visits Yuvika’s office and warns her of blacklisting their company if they fail to make the delivery in the next two days. Yuvika assures him to do it on time.

In the next episode, the Mahajan factory would meet with an accident. How would Yuvike meet the deadline?

To know more keep watching Vanshaj.