Vidrohi 27th November 2021 Written Update: Kalyani prohibits Kalandi from revealing the truth


Vidrohi 27th November 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Kalandi getting shocked after learning that Baxi have hidden about his marriage with Kalyani from his family. He declares that he can’t see Kalyani suffering and proclaims to tell the truth to Baxi’s family, while latter tries to stop him. At that time Kalyani comes there and prohibits Kalandi from revealing the truth. She says that she is their daughter-in-law even if they didn’t know about it. She states that she can’t let them suffer from any pain in her presence, as it’s her duty to always protect them. She orders Kalandi that she can’t compromise with Radha’s happiness due to herself.

Here, Kalyani assures Kalandi that Baxi have always cared for her and have done everything. She says he never let her feel down and requests Kalandi not to spoil their secret. Meanwhile, Kalandi says that he have certain responsibilities towards Kalyani also. He insists Baxi to give Kalyani her rights, while Baxi assures that they will tell the truth later. Meanwhile, Gadadhar tries to hear their conversation and then confronts them, making them shocked. But, Baxi handles the situation and makes Gadadhar leave.

Kalandi remembers that Badamba Naresh have sended one more letter for Kalyani and gets worried. Whereas, Baxi and Kalyani also gets shocked and runs to get the letter. Meanwhile, Subarna Radha and her mother discusses about the gesture of Badamba Naresh. Radha states that she never knew she would develop such a bond with Badamba Naresh and Kalyani. She also proclaims that she feel connected with them.

Elsewhere, Amba and Tilottama keeps looking through the staffs sended by Badamba Naresh. Whereas, Tilottama gets the letter, while Amba gives it to Radha. She starts reading it, while Baxi remembers his moments and promises towards Radha. They both gets freezed seeing Radha reading the letter.

Radha keeps reading it and gets shocked. Later, she falls unconscious while Baxi runs towards her and embraces her. Everyone gets shocked and gets concerned towards her. Baxi takes Radhamani into his embrace and runs towards his room.

Ahead, Kalandi sees the letter on the floor and rushes to take it. Whereas, Gadadhar keeps an eye on his movements. When Kalandi was about to pick the letter, Tilottama comes there and gets it. She goes away, while Kalandi keeps looking at her being worried.

Tilottama tries to read the letter stating that there must be something important in it. She declares that Radha falls unconscious only because of reading the letter and determines herself to find about it. She opens it to read but then realises that she don’t know how to read and shakes her head in disappointment. She tries to stop Gadadhar asking him to help her but he gets busy in bringing Vaidya to treat Radha.

Further, Baxi keeps Radha on the bed and Kalyani gets sentimental seeing her state. Radha’s mother comes there and pushes Kalyani away from Radha. Subarna states that they are taking proper care of Radha and it’s a shock that she have fallen unconscious. Kalyani blames herself internally and worries about Radha, while Baxi goes away from there and prays for Radha in the temple. Whereas, Vaidya comes to check Radha.

Precap:- Kalyani holds Baxi’s hand stating that they were wrong by hiding the truth about their marriage. She states that they have to reveal the truth, while Baxi agrees to her and says that they have to face the concequences of their lie. Meanwhile, Radha’s mother sees them and gets shocked. She declares to tell everyone about them.

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