Woh To Hai Albela 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Sayuri finds evidence against Vikranth.


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The episode starts with Vikranth saying Sayuri that he loves her a lot because she’s the best person. He’s about to kiss her when Sayuri serves him drink. She plays the song and kept getting him drink. Sayuri thinks that she can get him drunk and once he’s unconscious she can lock the door. He continues to dance with her and faints on sofa. Sayuri thinks it’s the right time to lock the door. She leaves to the room and decides to find whatever evidence she get. She checks the room and have a very difficult time holding herself up. She gives me courage to herself and continues searching.

Sayuri wonders why did he kill her and why didn’t he do her last rites. She wonders why no one from his family say any thing to him. She thinks to find out everything and complaint about him to Police from long distance. She thinks to go to Kanha saving her daughter from him. While she’s busy searching the place, Vikranth wakes up from his inebriated state. Sayuri opens a box and finds Vikranth’s family picture with Sanchi and the murder weapon is a knife. She finds the marriage certificate and realizes that his real wife name is Sanchi and she’s Kuku’s mother. She decides to get him punished and hears Vikranth calling for her.

Before Vikranth could catch her she pretends to be asleep on bed and hides the knife with her. Vikranth covers her with blanket and is about to leave when Sayuri searches for the knife under the blanket. Vikranth comes back suddenly and bends down to pick Kuku’s crayons. In the meantime Sayuri gets hold of the knife while Vikranth leaves. Sayuri sighs in relief that she escaped and thanks God for helping her find the evidence. She decides to protect it at all cost and hides it. Next day, at Kanha’s family everyone are dressed up in traditional attire of different state on Republic day and they plan to celebrate it together. Kanha and Nakul were planning to perform on stage.

Nakul comes to Kanha and says that he’s nervous to perform on stage. Kanha asks him to do whatever he wishes to do and leaves upset. Rashmi smirks hearing it. Nakul finds his behaviour strange. Vikranth is speaking with Sanchi’s dead body that everything is going right and soon he will unite with Sayuri in pure relationship called marriage. He will say that once that happens then there will be no place for her in the house. He decides to get rid of her permanently. Rashmi again provokes Nakul that only he’s trying to build a relationship with Kanha while he’s least interested about the same. Nakul says he might be upset with something and leaves. Rashmi asks why does he want to fall on his brother’s feet again. Dadi Mausi comes from behind calling her name.

Precap : Vikranth will find Kanha ahd family celebrating Republic day and will call and inform it to Sayuri. He will say that he will punish him for acting oversmart and picks a knife. Sayuri will get shocked and will come out of the house wearing a hijab.

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