Woh Toh Hai Albela Upcoming Story: Will Saroj accept Sayuri and Chiru’s relationship?


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Star Bharat’s new show is based on Krishna who is a social media star and loves his brother a lot. However, soon he is going to find himself in a trouble. Now it will be interesting to see what turn Krishna’s life is going to take.

In the previous episode, we saw that Chiru gives a gift to Krishna. Krishna gets delighted to see the brand new camera. Nakul gets happy seeing Krishna happy. Further, Chiru also gifts a new phone to Nakul. Nakul cheerfully hugs him. Saroj gets emotional seeing them together. Krishna thinks that he should make a video with this camera. Nakul says that he should take the first video of God.

Later Chiru comes to meet Sayuri. He also brings gifts for her. Sayuri gets happy. Chiru apologizes to her on behalf of his mother. Here Krishna comes out and his camera is about to fall from his hand but he saves it. He thinks that his camera must have taken a good video from above. But that video gets deleted from him due to which he is unable to watch the video of Sayuri and Chiru.

In the upcoming episode, we saw that Saroj will tell Chiru that Pandit is going to come today and they will talk about his marriage. Chiru will be upset. While Nakul will feel that Chiru likes someone else.

What will happen now?

Will he tell that he loves Sayuri?