Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 12th June 2023 Written Update: Rashmi shows her true colours after entering the family!

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 12th June 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Chaman saying what are you guys doing? Chaman is kept at gun point. Sayuri says it is what it is. Chaman says you are so fortunate to always get saved from my planning, I tried to put oil in the staircase but you didn’t fall as Tingu held you. I failed your break of car and made you go to get flowers but Kanha went instead and got injuries, because of that our wedding got late. Tingu makes Chaman realise that she is infront of police.

Police thanks Sayuri and Kanha for helping them make a case against Chaman. They take Chaman and Tingu. Family gets relieved seeing them together and Chaman being defeated. Nakul comes to his room and sees Rashmi unpack. Nakul says what is this? Rashmi says Saroj and Sayuri forgave me and Sayuri even hugged me so I want to start my life with you again. Nakul says maybe they have but I can’t forgive you at any cost and I can’t and I don’t want to start my life with you. Rashmi says you want to bring that low character Amu as your wife? Nakul says you dare not say like that again, but I don’t want you here at any cost. Nakul leaves. Rashmi cries and is irritated.

Sayuri and Kanha are in their room and they finally have some romantic time together so they enjoy that. Everyone prays in front of god and thanks god for helping them. Sayuri tells everyone how Rashmi helped her and without her help this was impossible. Sayuri asks everyone to forgive Rashmi. Saroj says if you have forgiven her we do too. Saroj welcomes back Rashmi. Rashmi gets happy but Nakul is not. Saroj says I am happy to see my family back. Rashmi says thank you so much for accepting me. Rashmi gets emotional while Saroj says don’t cry our days to cry are over.

They all have lunch, when Sayuri notices Amu is not here. Amu thinks of all the good memory with the family and decides to leave. Sayuri stops her and says you will say without good bye? Amu gets emotional. Amu says I had the best time staying with this beautiful family. Sayuri says then why leave? All the family comes there. Sayuri and Kanha ask Amu to stay with them. Amu says I can’t. Kanha says we have talked about it with family you can stay. Rashmi gets restless hearing all this. Rashmi says how can she stay? After all the work she does she can’t stay with us. Kanha says you have also not done good work but we forgave you. Rashmi says but we have daughters in this house and society reputation.

Saroj says I am confused, what work does Amu do? Sayuri says Rashmi you started your drama again. Saroj asks about it again. Amu says I will tell you all, I am someone your society doesn’t accept. Two people from Amu’s kothi come to take her. They say Amu’s lovers are looking for her in kothi, she should return now. Saroj is shocked. Kanha and Nakul stand in front of Amu and doesn’t let them take her. Kothi people point a gun at them. Nakul says shoot me if you can but Amu won’t go. Everyone gets scared seeing the gun pointed at Nakul. Amu cries.

Episode ends.

No Precap.

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