Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 13th June 2023 Written Update: Kanha and Sayuri on a mission to rescue Amu.

Wo Toh Hai Albela

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 13th June 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Nakul and Kanha standing on the way to protect Amu. Amu asks them to let her go as for sometime she forgot who she is. She says that she does sell her body for money but her soul is still pure. She says that she is ready to go with them and leaves with them with a heavy heart. Nakul wants to go behind to stop her but Kanha and Sayuri stop him saying that they need to find a way to save her but have to act wise. The trio leave to find Amu while Rashmi leaves angrily. Dadi and Saroj badmouth Amu. Rashmi comes there and says that she is sorry for shouting but she says that she needs to keep such girls out of their house. She adds that if people find out about who she is then there’s a probability that such other girls will flood at their house .

Kanha, Sayuri and Nakul are on their way to rescue Amu. They call the Police and ask them to come to a location as a person’s life is in danger. Amu is brought to the prostitution place and gets tortured. They mock her and says that she would be sold for the highest rate. Rashmi says Saroj and Dadi that Kanha, Nakul and Sayuri were not at home and suspects them to have gone to rescue Amu. She blames them for bringing problems to home and Saroj worries for their safety. Rashmi says that Nakul and Amu’s affair goes for a long time and Dadi gets disgusted to hear it.

Kanha, Sayuri and Nakul stand outside window and finds Amu tied up. They gets shocked seeing a famous politician as the leader of the bracket. The leader comes to Amu and asks about her trying to escape but Amu says that she didn’t try to escape but just went to help others. He mockingly asks her to help here too by cooking down tensed people. Nakul sneaks in and Kanha and Sayuri gets irked. As they were about to raise hand on Amu Nakul intervenes and he gets caught at gun point. His men says that he’s the one who’s in love with Anu and the leader ties him up too. They threaten him to sign a big donation amount but Nakul refuses too.

Kanha’s phone rings and the leader gets alerted. However Kanha escapes from the sight. They beat Nakul and threatens him with Amu’s life and asks him to sign. Just then Sayuri gives an idea to Kanha. Kanha praises her and enters the place. He goes live in his vlog and exposes the true faces if the politician and the racket and they gets terrified and ashamed.

Precap: Rashmi prohibits the entry of Amu into the house and badmouths her character. Sayuri slaps Rashmi and says that such words don’t suit her as her crimes are no joke.