Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 5th October 2022 Written Update: Kanha notices Kusum and Rishi’s tensed situation.

Wo Toh Hai Albela

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 5th October 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Dadi urging Kanha and Sayuri to get ready for the pooja. Kanha tries ti say against it but Dadi Mausi forces them. Sayuri stops him and leaves to room to get ready. Sayuri convinces Kanha and they come down and asks for Rashmi. Dadi Mausi says that she sent they her out for some Work. She asks about Kusum and Kanha and Sayuri says that she wen out with Rishi.

Dadi Mausi again scolds them for sending them alone. She asks them to sit down pooja while the remaining will join when they come. Sayuri and Kanha sit down for pooja and pray for their child’s health and happiness. Rashmi comes there after completing her work. Dadi scolds her seeing her dirty clothes and asks her to change and come. Rashmi leaves to change.

After Pooja, Sayuri distributes Prasad to everyone. Suddenly Rishi forwards his hand for pooja and they gets surprised seeing him. He acts very obedient in front of Dadi and Saroj. They gets impressed by him when Kusum comes there with a tensed face. They asks what happened but Kusum doesn’t answer. Kaha gets doubtful as he watches Kusum and Rishi arguing over phone despite being very close to each other. He felt something wrong and shared it with Saroj. Sayuri also agrees with him but both Dadi Mausi and Saroj scolded them for saying bad things about Rishi and his family. They say that Dadi Mausi knows Rishi’s family for long and shuts them. Kanha’s and Sayuri felt helpless.

Rashmi comes there and Dadi asks if she knows to make offering. Rashmi says she doesn’t know to make it well. Dadi Mausi still urges her to make one and sends her to kitchen. Rashmi angrily makes it when Nakul comes there. He tries calming her but in vain. In her anger and frustration, Rashmi leaves the place leaving gas opened.

Sayuri came there for another work and is about to switch on the gas. Kanha who also came there sensed the gas and immediately rushes to stop Sayuri from lighting the matchstick. He immediately opens all the doors and windows and hugs Sayuri asking whether she ding smell the gas. Sayuri says she had sandal smell on her hand so she couldn’t find it. Kanha feels relieved.

Precap : Saroj will slap Sayuri for her carelessness in kitchen. Kangsy, Sayuri and others will try to cheer up Rashmi dancing around her but Rashmi pushes off Sayuri irritated.

The episode starts with Sayuri asking Kanha whether she’s feeling bad. Kanha says he got used to it and Sayuri agrees with her. Sayuri congratulates him fir one million views. Kanha asks her to not think about Dragon Dadi and asks for his reward. They both spends some quality time together. They both come out to find Dragon Dadi arranging for pooja. Kanha asks shout it and Dragon Dadi says that it’s fir welfare of Sayuri and her baby. Kanha asks them to postpone it as they have meeting already. He says that their sample tiles got approved and they agreed to sign the deal with them. He say that more than him Sayuri needs to be present there.

Dragon Dadi asks what’s the relationship between Sayuri and business and is outraged. Kusum gets ready and Sayuri gives her advise. She finds Rishi calling her and teases her. Kusum picks the call with hesitation. Dragon Dadi is outraged that that Sayuri attending business meeting is more important than pooja. Kanha reasons that Sayuri handles business much better than any of them and asks her to keep the pooja any day on holidays. Dadi Mausi feels insulted and leaves angrily lasing out at Kanha. Kanga gets message about getting selected tor final round. However Kanha doesn’t want to go with Sayuri in such a difficult situation. He decides to hide it from Sayuri.

Saroj runs after Dadi Mausi to comforts her who’s very furious. She blames Saroj for not keeping things in her control. Saroj asks what’s could she do. Dragon Dadi asks her to not worry as she would get the pooja done at any cost. Indrani asks Dadi to select a date for Sayuri’s pooja. Dadi gets confused when Saroj narrated whatever happened. Dadi asks her not to get worried as such things happen in a family and relations do come and go to create issues. She says that they shouldn’t get worried about it. Rashmi is about to go to meet Dragon Dadi but Indrani asks her not to as she is quite sharp tongued. Rashmi doesn’t listen to her and leaves.

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