Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 9th June 2023 Written Update: Sayuri’s life in danger due to Chaman.

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 9th June 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The Episode starts with Tingu on his way to stop Chaman. Chaman after much persuasion agrees to.sign the papers. Tingu comes there on time but Nakul stops him. Chaman starts signing the papers while Nakul tries his best to stop Tingu while Tingu manages to escape by hitting Nakul’s feet. Chaman signs the last paper when Tingu rushes there asking Chaman to not sign. However Kanha snatches the paper from her at last minute. Tingu says Chaman to not trust anyone as they all are putting up an act to snatch the properties from her.

Chaman is extremely shocked and asks Kanha what they are saying. Kanha joins hands with Sayuri proving Tingu’s statement. Tingu calls his men whom he brought along and they start fighting with others and Kanha and others keep passing the signed papers to one person to another. Tingu notices that the Pandit is inspector and alerts Chaman. Chaman tries to stab Sayuri with her hair pin but Kanha throws a plate on time that hits her vand and the hair pin falls down. After much passing , the papers land with Ranjith. Tingu and their men were beaten up badly. Chaman tries to strangulate Sayuri for fooling her. Saroj and Amu comes to her rescue and pushes Chaman away from Sayuri. Sayuri slaps her hard and Chaman falls on floor.

Chaman finds a gun on floor and points it at Sayuri shocking everyone. She demands them to give back the papers to her or else she would kill Sayuri. Rashmi and Ranjith who were hiding behind the curtain wonder what to do. Later Ranjith steps in with the paper and hands it over to Chaman. Chaman mocks them that the papers for which they worked hard has gone in drain and burns the papers in havan. She mocks everyone about the same but Ranjith asks her to atleast check once if the papers are fake or real. He says that they are fake papers and shows the original ones shocking Chaman. She gets angry at Ranjith for double crossing her and points gun at him. Kanha and others who signed in relief acts wise. Kanha snatches the gun from Chaman and says that her game ended. Inspector points gun at her and few more constables arrive there tl catch Chaman. Chaman gets shocked.

Precap: Kanha tells Sayuri that he belongs only to her. A rogue from Amu’s brothel is there to take. amu back to his place. Kanha stands on the way and says that she doesn’t go anywhere. The rogue points gun at Kanha.

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