Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th January 2023 Written Update: Nayantara finds Ishani with Samrat help


Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Samrat finds Ishani’s location and he tells about it to Nayantara and Mohit. They reaches the location and sees that party is happening there. Mohit goes out to check. Then Nayantara and Samrat goes inside. Nayantara moves towards a girl but that’s not Ishani. Samrat tells her that Ishani is not there. She hope that Ishani is safe. One guy recognizes Samrat and asks him to join the party and play couple games. Samrat nods at him. Nayantara scolds him for agreeing to party at this time. He tells her that he agreed so they could find Ishani. Meanwhile, Mohit searches Ishani in parking area.

Host says that they are going to find how much boys know their girl friends. He orders girls to mix their shoes. He asks boys to find their girl friends shoes. Samrat smells the shoes and finds Nayantara’s shoes correctly. Nayantara wonders that why he smelled the shoes. Host announces Samrat as winner. Samrat tells him that Nayantara is his wife. Nayantara asks him that how he found easily. He tells her that she uses coconut oil in everything.

On the other hand, Aliya asks Revati that what happened. Revati tells her that she is upset that Samrat left with Nayantara and Mohit. She calls Samrat and asks him about Ishani. Samrat tells her that he did not find Ishani yet and disconnects the call. Aliya tells Revati that Samrat is changing due to Nayantara.

Host announces that next one is paper dance. Nayantara tells Samrat that she don’t know to dance. Samrat tells her that he saw her dance and asks her to follow his steps. He dances with her and he picks her up. He adjusts her specs. And they wins that game too. Mohit takes them to parking area. He shows Ishani’s slipper to them. They searches Ishani there. Samrat finds blood drops and he finds Ishani in an injured and unconscious state. He tells Nayantara and Mohit that he found Ishani.

Nayantara and Mohit gets shocked seeing Ishani in that state. Nayantara asks Ishani to wake up. She regrets for leaving her alone. Samrat wonders that who is responsible for Ishani’s state. Nayantara blames Samrat for Ishani’s state and attacks him. She tells him that he acted like helping her. She says that he wasted time to do this with Ishani. She adds that he did this to take revenge. He asks her to stop talking nonsense. He says that he don’t know how it happened. He tells her that he is not criminal to do all this. He warns her to not blame him. Mohit asks them to stop it because they have to take Ishani to the hospital.

Episode ends.

Precap – Doctor tells them that Ishani is in critical condition. Samrat learns that Nayantara is Ishani’s sister and scolds Nayantara.

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