Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th August 2022 Written Update: Preesha refuses to suspect Prem


Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Armaan asks Preesha that if she is fine. Preesha tells him that she is feeling better. She asks him that if he is tensed about something. He asks her that why she made him apologize to Prem. She tells him that he made mistake that’s why she told him to apologize to Prem. He tells her that she trust Prem too much. She asks him that why he don’t trust Prem. He tells her that Prem works for Rudraksh. She asks him to stop thinking about Rudraksh always.

He tells her that she suffered so much because of Rudraksh and he can’t see her in pain again. He says that he love her so much and he can’t lose her. She holds his hand and she apologizes to him for misunderstanding him. She tells him that she hate Rudraksh and she won’t let Rudraksh come in between them. She promises that she won’t let Rudraksh ruin their life and leaves from there. He thinks that he can’t let Prem work there.

In the college, Pihu and Raj practices. She tells him that they will win the competition. Vidyut tells Raj that Rudraksh is chief guest of this competition. Raj gets happy hearing him. Pihu thinks that she can’t invite Preesha to the competition. On the other hand, Armaan meets celebrity events organizer. He gets the video of Khuranas Janmasthami celebration. He notices that both idol are same. He realises that Rudraksh and Prem made Preesha see the idol so she can remember the past.

Meanwhile, kids asks Rudraksh that why he looks happy. Rudraksh tells them that Preesha remembered his and Preesha’s happy moment. Saaransh says that they will succeed soon in “mission mumma”. Ruhi says that she is so happy. They dances ( Title song plays in the background ). Kanchan comes there and she asks them that why they are dancing. She asks Prem that why he is not working. Ruhi tells her that she told Prem to dance with her.

Armaan tells Digvijay everything about idol. Digvijay tells him that they have to tell everything to Preesha. Armaan tells him that he has to find some other way to expose Prem. Because he can’t let Preesha think that she got real memories seeing that Lord Krishna’s idol. Pihu informs Preesha that Rudraksh is chief guest of the competition. Preesha tells her that she will come and she will stay away from Rudraksh. Pihu tells her that Armaan won’t let them go.

Prem gives bouquet to Preesha without flowers. Preesha asks him that why he is giving bouquet without flowers. He tells her that she is allergic to flowers that’s why. She asks him that how he knows about her allergy. He tells her that he got to know because of his experience. He says that he noticed that she did not went near flowers. Armaan and Digvijay overhears their conversation. After some time, Armaan plans to perform a puja. He tells about his idea to his family. Priest asks Kanchan about Lord Krishna’s idol. Prem falls down because of slippery floor.

Episode ends.

Precap – Armaan’s car meets with an accident in front of Khurana mansion. Sharda takes them inside. Armaan tells Preesha that today only she returned Lord Krishna’s idol to Prem and what is that idol doing in Khurana mansion. Sharda asks him to find out the truth from there. Armaan calls Digvijay and asks him to find out that if Prem has Lord Krishna’s idol or not.

Episode begins with Preesha recalls that how Rudraksh gifted her Lord Krishna’s idol on Janmasthami day. She tells him that she wished to have Lord Krishna’s idol in the house and he fulfilled her wish. She asks him that how he came with this idea suddenly. He tells her that their hearts are connected so he heard her wish. He says that this idol will keep her happy in life. She tells him that her happiness is him. She says that idol will make sure that they are together always. She hugs him. She comes to reality and she feels uneasy. Rudraksh and Armaan notices that. Armaan holds Preesha when she faints. He lifts her up and takes her to a room.

In the outhouse, Rudraksh hopes that Preesha is fine. He asks kids that did they crossed the limits. Saaransh tells him that he is sure that Preesha remembered something. Rudraksh tells him that Preesha faints whenever she sees him but today he was standing behind her. Saaransh tells him that all this happened because of idol. Rudraksh says that everything can go wrong if they cross the limits. Ruhi tells him that Preesha will be fine. She says that Preesha remembered something so it’s a good thing.

On the other hand, Digvijay asks Armaan that how is Preesha. Armaan tells him that he had given medicine to Preesha so she will wake up tomorrow. Digvijay says that he is not understanding why Preesha fainted when Rudraksh was not around her. Armaan tells him that Preesha fainted after seeing Lord Krishna’s idol. He says that he is sure that idol is connected to Rudraksh in some way. He adds that he must get a proof that Prem working for Rudraksh.

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