Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th December 2023 Written Update: Kaashvi suspects Geetika’s behaviour


Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th December 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kaashvi tells Simran’s husband Harman that she is happy that he want to give one more chance to Simran. She says that she has to leave. Harman calls his mother Geetika. Geetika tells him that she has work in kitchen and goes inside. Kaashvi leaves from there. She wonders why Geetika got scared seeing her. She assumes that seems like Geetika is upset with her for bringing Simran. She says that seems like she saw Geetika somewhere. She thinks that she is overthinking and leaves from there.

Arjun tells Micky that Simran is married woman and she has 5 years old boy. He says that Simran’s son cried for his mother. He says that Simran’s family needs Simran. He adds that Micky went to police station because of Simran. He asks Micky to forget Simran. Micky tells him that he loves Simran and Simran’s love is in danger so he has to help him. Arjun asks him to think that Simran is married woman. Micky says that Arjun is not saint to advice others. He taunts Arjun for marrying Mahima after divorcing Kaashvi. Arjun tells him that his life was complicated. Micky says that he don’t want relationship advice from Arjun and goes inside.

Romila asks what happened. Arjun tells her everything. She tells thanks to him. He tells her that she should tell thanks to Kaashvi. She gets shocked hearing this. She asks him that if Kaashvi is in Faridabad. He tells her that Kaashvi returned to Faridabad. He says that Mahima know about Kaashvi’s return and goes inside.

Karun tells Mahima that he will tell Arjun that how he hided in Aditya’s car dicky and Kaashvi saved him from Simran. Mahima thinks that Arjun will learn that she tried to instigate Karun against Kaashvi. She asks him to not tell anything to Arjun because he is tired. He nods at her. She hugs him and praises him.

Geetika recalls that how she lied to Kaashvi that her baby died. She wakes up because of nightmare. She wonders why Kaashvi returned to Faridabad. She says that Kaashvi should not know the secret.

Next day, Romila tells Micky that she made his favorite dishes. Micky refuses to eat with Arjun and tries to leave from there. Arjun tells Micky that he is doing all this for the latter’s benefit. Micky leaves from there.

Dadi asks Aditya that whether he proposed Kaashvi. Aditya tells her that he did not get chance. He says that today he will do on orientation event. Kaashvi gives omelette to Aditya. She tells them about Geetika’s behaviour. She says that she feel like she met Geetika already.

Karun tells Mahima that Kaashvi will make everything fine. Mahima tells him that Kaashvi is not good person. He refuses to believe her. He says that he likes Kaashvi. She manipulates him.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Karun refuses to see Kaashvi. Aditya asks Kaashvi about her and Arjun.