Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th November 2022 Written Update: Preesha and Pihu gets abducted


Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th November 2022 Written Update On

Episode begins with Rudraksh asks Saaransh that if the latter looks sad because his store room plan flopped. He says that he can understand Saaransh’s feelings but now it’s impossible for him to reunite with Preesha. He reminds him that what all they did to save Preesha from Armaan. He says that Preesha know everything about Armaan still she married Armaan. He says that he is moving on in his life so why Saaransh blaming him.

Saaransh tells him that the latter has to try to find out that why Preesha doing all this. Rudraksh tells him that he tried. Saaransh tells him that the latter only blamed Preesha. He says that it would have been good if Rudraksh did not returned. He says that Preesha is hurt with all this and leaves from there. Rudraksh tells himself that he also want to know that why Preesha married Armaan.

Digvijay reminds Preesha that they have to take Armaan to hospital. Preesha tells him that she forgot about doctor appointment and she agreed to go with Pihu for shopping. He asks her to go with Pihu because he will take Armaan to the hospital. She thinks that she has to know about Armaan’s progress. She tells him that she will meet Pihu at mall after visiting the hospital. She tells everything to Pihu. Pihu leaves for mall. Armaan paints and cleans his hand on Preesha’s saree. Preesha scolds him and goes to change.

Later, Preesha reaches the mall. Few goons kidnaps her. Kidnapper calls Rudraksh and informs him he kidnapped Rudraksh wife. He demands one crore rupees and disconnects the call. Rudraksh tells Sharda that Pihu got kidnapped. Digvijay comes there with Armaan. Rudraksh informs Digvijay everything. He tells him that he need one crore rupees to save Pihu. He thinks that he can’t let anything happen to Pihu and her child.

After some time, Rudraksh reaches the location. He gets shocked seeing Preesha there. He says that he thought Pihu got kidnapped. He finds her inside the box in unconscious state. He sees Pihu also there. He wonders that who kidnapped Preesha and Pihu. He asks Kidnapper that who is the latter and what he wants. Kidnapper tells him that he just wants money. He says that Rudraksh can save just one person with one crore rupees. He asks him that whom the latter want to save in between Preesha and Pihu.

Digvijay tells Sharda that Preesha may know who kidnapped Pihu because Preesha went with Pihu for shopping. He calls Preesha but no response from other side. Saaransh learns about Pihu’s kidnap. He gets worried about Preesha.

Rudraksh asks Kidnapper to give more time to arrange more money. Kidnapper says that Rudraksh won’t get time. He starts filling the boxes. He says that Preesha and Pihu will die once the box gets filled. He wonders that what he should do. He notices that Pihu’s box filling with double speed. He thinks that he has time to save Preesha but now his priority saving Vidyut’s child. He tells Kidnapper that he is choosing Pihu’s life. Pihu gets released.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saaransh says that Rudraksh went to save Pihu and Rudraksh don’t care about Preesha nowadays. Other side, Preesha struggles to breathe. Rudraksh gets shocked seeing that.

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