Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story 2nd November 2020 : Preesha takes Rudraksh with her to meet Neerja


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Episode begins with Rahul calls Yuvraj. Yuvraj tells him that he still could not believe that Neerja’s accident happened and says he is praying for her and asks how is she now. Rahul says there is improvement in her condition and Doctor said she will be fine soon. Yuvraj shocks hearing him and thinks he hit her car many times still she is improving, and gets worried thinking if she regain consciousness then she will tell the truth to Preesha. He says he is happy, it’s a miracle that Neerja going to be fine after the big accident.

Rahul says it’s definitely a miracle and he won’t believe that because of whom this miracle happened and says Preesha came to meet Neerja when she talked to her that time only her brain activity started so Doctor recommended that Preesha should meet Neerja daily and talk to her. He says this is second time Preesha saving Neerja’s life and he spoiled her life to take revenge on Rudraksh and he is feeling so guilty so thinking to tell the truth to Preesha and Rudraksh otherwise Neerja maybe punished for his wrong doings.

Mishka says Rudraksh was drinking during the class then why Ahana didn’t throw him out of the school using this opportunity. Ahana says because of Mishka she did nothing against him. Mishka asks what she did. Ahana says Balraj, Rudraksh are already upset with her because of Mishka and she doesn’t want to do anything which can upset them more and she wants to win their trust. Mishka says she already proved innocent then what’s the problem now. Ahana gets an message and she opens her laptop. Mishka shocks seeing hotel’s CCTV footage.

Ahana says she asked the Manager for this and he sent it to her, now they can know who is the real culprit. They watches the clip. Yuvraj tries to break his mobile. Rahul tells him that today Preesha will come to meet Neerja that time he will tell everything to her. Yuvraj says he is also coming to the hospital to meet Neerja disconnects the call. He says he did so much to separate Rudraksh and Preesha but here Rahul easily planning to spoil his plan but he won’t let him do that and he will stop him no matter what. Mishka says this footage they already saw where is the remaining part.

Ahana calls the Manager and says this footage is incomplete and tells him to find the full footage saying definitely someone went to the terrace after Rudraksh. She says someone deleted the remaining part for sure and tells him to retrieve that and send it to her immediately.

Preesha brings Rudraksh to the hospital. Rudraksh gets irritated seeing Rahul but she drags him inside Neerja’s room and says she brought him here to see Neerja. Preesha says Neerja was supposed to meet her and give something to her that day so she can prove her innocence to Rudraksh and tells her to wake up because he is not believing her, only she can make him understand now. Neerja’s life support machine started to beep. Preesha tells Rudraksh that this beep sound is the indication that Neerja reacting to her talks that’s why Doctor and Rahul wants her to meet Neerja daily to talk to her.

Yuvraj comes there and gets excited seeing Preesha there. Rudraksh argues with Yuvraj and leaves from there. Police inspector tells Balraj that he has the court order and they got somebody’s skin from Keerti’s nail and it may belong to the murderer so they are going to do DNA test for Khurana’s. Balraj gets angry for suspecting his family and says everything happening because of Harish. Harish says he is sure that someone from Balraj’s family only killed Keerti. Rudraksh agrees for the test. Sharda feels restless and Preesha notices that. Later Sharda locks herself in her room and she can’t meet anyone now.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sharda tells Preesha that her skin sample will match with the skin sample Police got from Keerti’s nail.