Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story 5th October 2020 : Rudraksh insults Preesha

yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

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Episode begins with Preesha searches Rudraksh in their car and everywhere, she wonders where he went without informing her, if it was some emergency then why he didn’t took the car with him and she feels something is wrong. A heart broken Rudraksh falls down in the middle of the road and starts to cry asking why Preesha did that with him. He recalls the moments he shared with her and how he took stand for her. He says her happiness only mattered for him, and he was ready to do anything for her, she became his life but for her it was Yuvraj always and betrayed him, she would have betrayed Rajeev too like this only and says now he won’t forgive her. While playing Saaransh’s ball lands up on pooja plate and Vasudha feels it’s a bad luck.

Preesha sees Rudraksh and asks why he is like this and starts to keep asking questions and shows her concern towards him and hugs him. She breaks the hug and asks why he is silent, is everything okay. He glares her and starts to laugh maniacally saying he is more than fine because now he is not blind can see everything. He says he failed to see the truth even though it was in front of him because of her but now he can see everything. She gets confused and asks what’s visible to him now. He says he knows her truth now. She says she isn’t understanding what he is saying. He shouts at her saying stop her innocent drama. He says he thought she is innocent , caring and honest girl but she is totally reverse of his belief, she is such a shameless girl and pushes her saying her place is there only.

He asks did she understand now or has to show the mirror more. He says he was blind in extreme level that he believed she didn’t kill his brother but now he got it that she trapped him the way she would have trapped Rajeev. He says she killed his heart and he is dead from inside. He says he went against his father, Ahana for her and left his house, family for her and even forget his career for her. He says she destroyed him and now what she thinks to do with him, is she planning to kill him also like she killed Rajeev joining hands with Yuvraj. He says she betrayed him because she still loves Yuvraj which shocks her.

Neerja gets worried for Preesha thinking why she is picking her call. Rahul says he finished Rudraksh in every possible way using Preesha as a pawn and calls Yuvraj to tell this good news. Yuvraj gets happy knowing Rudraksh, Preesha’s relationship ended.

Preesha tells Rudraksh that she doesn’t have any relationship with Yuvraj and gets a call from him. She cuts the call and tells him to stop talking nonsense saying she didn’t betrayed him. He says she is lying still and she is the one who recorded his confession and gave that video to Rahul. He says for Yuvraj she even used Saaransh and asks how she used to meet her lover and all.

She gets angry and was about to go from there but he stops her asks does she feel hurt hearing the truth. He tells her that till now she saw his love now she will witness his hate and he will behave like a beast with her and she is responsible for that. He says he won’t let her stay alive and tries to kill her then changes his mind and says he won’t kill her now but will make sure that she pleads him to kill her and leaves from there. She cries recalling their marriage. Vasudha shocks seeing the fully drenched Preesha and asks what happened. Preesha starts to cry without saying anything.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh insults Preesha and pushes Gopal. Later he meets an accident.