Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story : Rudraksh and Preesha’s bond grows stronger

yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

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Episode begins with Rudraksh apologize to Preesha for bringing that flowers. Preesha asks him to buy roses next time saying she doesn’t have allergic to that. Mishka stares Preesha. Vasudha says she brought breakfast for Preesha. Mishka says Sharda too sended breakfast for Preesha. Vasudha says she prepared idli and sambaar. Mishka says her tuffin too have same breakfast. Rudraksh says for Preesha only liquid allowed so he will eat the breakfast. Mishka says she is also hungry so Rudraksh and she can go any restaurant to eat. He says when they have delicious food in front of them then why should they go to restaurant and asks Vasudha to join him.

Mishka says she is on diet so can’t eat all these so she will check it in canteen. He asks her to go to canteen. Mishka thinks what she will do alone and gets sad. Ahana serves breakfast to Balraj and thanks him for not throwing out her and Mishka after whatever Niketan done to Preesha and Saaransh. He says it was Niketan’s mistake so she need not to think about anything. She tries to instigate him against Preesha and Rudraksh saying how they blamed him first in Saaransh’s kidnapping. He says it was because few co incidences happened which made them doubt him. She asks him to do something to Preesha because Rudraksh is innocent but Preesha would have made him go against Balraj otherwise he will regret later. She thinks now her real game will begin. Rudraksh takes care of Preesha and their bond grows stronger.

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Rudraksh finishes the discharge procedure and denies to do concert saying he is busy. Preesha says Balraj will get angry if he gets to know that he denied to do concert. He says their health is important for him not concert and thinks he is doing the same which Rajeev would have done if he was alive then. They reaches home, Rudraksh asks them to take rest.

Balraj scolds Rudraksh for cancelling the concert. Rudraksh says right now his priority is Saaransh and Preesha’s health and he can’t leave them alone that’s why he cancelled the concert. Balraj asks how can he be so careless about his career. Rudraksh says his career won’t finish because of one concert. Balraj says now he will teach him about career and asks without asking him why he cancelled the concert. He says Rudraksh can’t stay in his house if he didn’t agree to do concert.

Yuvraj reaches hospital and shicks shocks knowing Preesha and Saaransh discharged already. He curses Rudraksh and says he will bring back Preesha to him. Balraj asks Rudraksh to decide that he will do concert or will leave the house. Rudraksh says if he have to leave the house then he will leave but won’t do concert and that’s his final decision.

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Balraj says he knew it Rudraksh will say something like this because he doesn’t matter for him. He says he made Rudraksh rock star but at end what he did just blamed him for Saaransh’s kidnap. Ahana smirks seeing everything. Mishka shocks knowing that Ahana is behind this drama. Rudraksh says because of Balraj’s behavior he doubted him. Balraj says Rudraksh didn’t just doubted him instead he believed that Balraj is the kidnapper. He says Rudraksh thinks him as his enemy.

Sharda asks them to stop fighting. Balraj says he didn’t got one chance to prove his innocence. He says Rudraksh doesn’t care about him so for him also Rudraksh doesn’t matter. He says whoever have problem with him they can also leave the house with Rudraksh. Preesha acts like she is going to faint to stop the fight. Rudraksh takes Preesha to their room.

Precap – Yuvraj says Preesha and Saaransh is not safe in Rudraksh’s house.