Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story: Yuvraj wins Vasudha’s trust

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The episode begins with Yuvraj says everything is just a matter of 6 months after that he will help Preesha to take divorce from Rudraksh and will bring her to Vasudha so they can live together. Vasudha says then she will do Preesha’s marriage with him and no one can stop her. He thanks her and says he will order food for her. She says she will prepare and leaves from there. He gets happy thinking he succeed in his plan’s first step. He says Preesha lost Saaransh and without him she is no use for him. Saaransh requests the Kidnapper to leave him.

Kidnapper gives water to him and leaves from there. Sharda stops Ahana and Mishka seeing them going outside. Ahana curses her. Sharda asks where are they going. Ahana says they are going to buy gift for Niketan because he is leaving. Sharda gets surprised hearing that and says she wasn’t aware of that. Mishka says Niketan would not have thought necessary to tell her. Ahana asks Sharda to ignore Mishka and they leaves from there. Rudraksh comes to Preesha and says he is not able to find Balraj in marriage hall. Preesha asks now what to do. He says to attend marriage he will come for sure so they have to wait. The bride Neha faints while performing marriage rituals. Preesha checks her and gets to know that Neha is pregnant and thinks how to inform that. Neha’s groom Shreyas takes Neha to room. Neha gets conscious and asks what happened to her. Preesha informs her about the pregnancy. Neha says it’s Shreyas child only and asks her to call him.

Rudraksh thinks they came to find Balraj now stucked here with Neha’s problem. He enquires Shreyas about his love life and suggests him to not do marriage. Shreyas says Neha won’t trouble him after marriage she is such a traditional girl and her parents too never fights with each other. He shocks seeing his future mother in law and father in law fighting over decorations. Rudraksh gets message from Preesha and tells Shreyas that Neha called him.

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Yuvraj curses Preesha for losing Saaransh and calls her from unknown number. He asks her about Saaransh. Preesha asks how he knows about Saaransh. He says he went to her home and Vasudha told him. He says he is hurt, he knows she is angry on him but how can she forget their relationship and hide about Saaransh. He asks her to believe him that he didn’t stoled that necklace and says Ahana trapped him. She says she have important work to do and cuts the call. She tells Rudraksh that Yuvraj called her. Before he asks anything shocks hearing Neha’s shout. Shreyas leaves from there angrily.

Ahana and Mishka comes from shopping without buying anything. Ahana says she didn’t get anything interesting to buy for Niketan and asks about him to Sharda. Sharda says he is not in his room. Niketan says he went to store room to get suitcase for packing. He says he will call commissioner. Sharda stops him and thinks that what if Balraj gets caught by police. Ahana notices Sharda’s weird behavior and tells that to Mishka. Neha tells Preesha that Shreyas doesn’t wants to marry her now because he wants to live freely and she too didn’t get chance to inform him about her pregnancy.

Rudraksh tells Preesha that he just shared his marriage experience with Shreyas. She asks him to convince Shreyas. Rudraksh tells Shreyas that he was lying to him and he took everything in his heart. He says he is so happy with his wife and his marriage life. Neha says she just wants to see Shreyas happy and if he is happy without her then she is okay with it. Shreyas says how can he live happily without her. Neha tells him about her pregnancy and Shreyas gets happy hearing that.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vasudha asks did Rudraksh gave complaint against Balraj. Gopal gets admitted in hospital, Yuvraj comes to Rudraksh’s home to inform Preesha about Gopal.

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