Yeh Jadu Hai Jin Ka 11th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist

Yeh Jadu Hai Jin Ka 11th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Laila Asks All The Family Members To Hide In Various Rooms And Takes Them All For Their Distinct Rooms. Everyone Hides In Different Rooms.Laila Requires Aman And Roshni Into A Room And Asks Them To Stay There.

Aman Doesn’t Believe This. Aman Walks Out. Roshni Closes The Door With Her Power And There’s a Small Friction Between Aman And Roshni And Aman Suspects Laila. Here Grandma And Relatives See It Is Getting Dark In The Cloud And everyone Appears Terrified.

Fufi Screams And Everybody Comes Out And Aman And He Also Comes Out Running And Everybody Sees That Syma Has Become Bar And Each Of The People Get Nervous After Seeing This, Laila Comes And Says I Said No And Laila She Says That You All Go Silent And Take Them All To Unique Rooms. Subsequently Imran Flirts A Small With Laila And Says You Look Like My Buddy Surabhi Jyoti And She Shoves Imran Inside The Room And Leaves.

It Says That When This Rock Starts Shining It’ll Close Its Eyes. Fufi And Syma Are In A Room And Suddenly The Stone Starts Shining. Fufi Hides Under The Table And Closes His Eyes. While The Stone Falls From Syama’s Hand. Cyma Goes Outside To Pick Up The Stone And The Ice Freezes.

Then Laila Says To Come With Me To The Room, A Fufi Requires Laila Into The Room. On the Flip Side, Aman Suspects Laila And Agree To Roshni That If You Feel You’ve Come To Save Us, Then She’s Really Hiding From Us, Roshni, We’re Suspecting Them. Aman Talks In Roshni, Then Imran Comes There And Begins Having Fun. .

Mr. Chhotu Is Studying In His School And His Buddy Comes And Slaps Him With A Magic Lamp. Locha Pari Wakes Up Angrily Inside But Requires Fufi Inside The Room And When Laila Fufi Must Shine The Stone Closes The Teary Eye And Someone Touches Them, Fufi Additionally Becomes A Freeze, Then Everyone Comes And Watch What Trouble The Stone Are Formed. Aman Subsequently Agree To Roshni. Now I Am Confident It Isn’t Someone Else Who’s Doing All This Laila.

Aman Questions Laila That in Case You Have Come To Befriend Us Then Why Are You Hiding Everything From Us? She Says It Doesn’t Matter In Friendship, I Haven’t Heard The Lives Of All Of You. I Don’t Think Of Peace.

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