Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar Upcoming Story: Armaan to get exasperated by Sudha!


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The gripping storyline of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar, filled with twist and plots; makes it engaging to the audiences.

In the earlier episode, Sudha tries to calm Bhavna as she keeps complaining about her in-laws. She then jokes about Palki complaining to Mathurs about them in the same way, while Bhavna says that it will be possible only when Armaan agrees to marry her. She also instigates Sudha against Dia and says that she is the biggest hurdle in Armaan and Palki’s marriage. Whereas, Sudha assures her stating that she won’t let Dia ruin their happiness.

Here, Armaan comes back from Mathurs house and notify his family about the fun he had there. Bhavna teases him with Palki, while he gives credit to Dia for all the arrangements. Sudha and Bhavna gets irked seeing him praising Dia, while he goes inside after getting a call from work.

Dia reads her horoscope and learns about her partner compatibility. She gets elated seeing Armaan’s sign to be the perfect partner for her and then gets his flashbacks. Whereas, Mathurs keeps exercising as instructed by Armaan and praises him.

Ahead, Dia shows her gratitude towards Kajal for giving her life, while latter shares about her personal life with Dia. She says that she enjoys her life to the full, while Dia remembers how she never have enjoyed her life and keeps thinking about it. Whereas, she also imagines Armaan there, giving flowers to her.

Dia gets pranked by a stranger, who proposed her but she rebukes him for creating drama. The guy started insulting Dia, while Kajal gets furious and scolds the guy. Whereas, Dia and Kajal goes tk their destination.

Later, Armaan gets irked seeing the priest matching his and Palki’s horoscope. He shows his frustration towards Sudha, while she tries to explain her concern. He leaves from there, while priest warns about some problem in their marriage. Sudha and Bhavna concludes it to be Dia and plans something against her. Whereas, Palki and Dia keeps thinking about Armaan and realises their increasing feelings for him.

Now in the upcoming story, Dia will tell her family that she talked to Nimmi and the latter told her about a guy who matches her expectations. She will tell her family that she is ready to marry that guy and shows him to her parents, whereas they gets dumbstruck learning about it. Meanwhile, Armaan will also come there and gets shocked seeing Dia’s alliance getting fixed with some other guy and both looks at eachother.

Will Armaan confess his feelings for Dia?
Will Armaan learn about the truth?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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