Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar Upcoming Story: Sudha to finally realise her mistake!


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Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar has been always appreciated for it’s unique storyline. The tracks were filled with twists and turns, to keep its viewers on the edge of their seats. Finally, the show has comes to an end with Sudha realising her mistake and accepting Dia wholeheartedly.

Previously, Bhavna and Madhu instigated Sudha against Palki and Krish’s relationship. Whereas, the latter got furious at Krish as he lied to her and decided to confront him and Palki in front of everyone. Meanwhile, she also asked Saloni to marry Armaan and decided to separate Dia from him.

In the current track, Sudha calls Palki and ask to meet her. Palki gets nervous and shares her anxiety with Brij, but he assures that everything will be fine. She goes inside Rastogi’s house and gets confronted by Sudha. The latter accuses Palki for trapping Krish.

Here, Palki gets shocked hearing Sudha’s allegations and tries to clearify her intentions but gets unsuccessful. Krish takes a stand for Palki and tells that he loves her but Sudha makes him shut and scolds for lying to her.

Armaan finds out about Krish and Palki’s relationship and tries to convince Sudha, but the latter gets furious and puts the blame on Dia for everything. She looses her calm seeing her kids going against her and decides to leave the house.

Ahead, Armaan and Krish tries to stop her but she locks herself inside her room and starts packing her luggage. Her health deteriorates and she falls unconscious. Dia immediately breaks the window injuring herself and gets inside to help Sudha.

Dia lets others also come inside whole they brings Sudha back to her senses. Armaan agrees to accept all the conditions of Sudha, while she ask him and Krish to go to the Jammu along with Saloni. Dia stops them and tells that she is the one responsible for everything and declares to leave the house.

Later, Dia holds Palki’s hand and apologises to Sudha for all her mistakes. She also puts her heart out in front of Bhavna and Madhu, while they regrets mistreating Dia. The latter was about to leave, when Sudha stops her and apologises for her mistake. She accepts Palki and Dia wholeheartedly.

The end.

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