Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Neelima stops Abhimanyu

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata 23rd January 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Abhinav says to Abhimanyu that they are bumping into each other as if they have some connection. He introduces Akshara to Abhimanyu. Akshara folds hand in front of Abhimanyu. Abhinav introduces Abhimanyu to Nelima and Muskaan. Nelima invites Abhimanyu to the wedding. Abhimanyu tries to escape. Nelima asks Abhimanyu not to leave the wedding in the mid else it will be bad omen. Abhimanyu calls Nelima cool and says people leave relationship in between and she is talking about wedding and bad omen. He laughs sarcastically. Abhinav says to Abhimanyu that he will not leave him.

Abhir asks to Akshara that why Abhimanyu keeps bumping into them. He adds what God wants. Akshara says she too wants to learn the same. Abhinav gets Abhimanyu ready. He calls him hero. Abhir sees Abhimanyu and Abhinav tuning. He dislikes. Nelima calls Abhinav to help her in lifting the cylinder. Abhimanyu takes off evil eye from Abhir. Abhir asks Abhimanyu if like Akshara he too does Thu Thu Thu. Abhimanyu recalls his moment with Akshara. Abhir says to Abhimanyu that he wants to share a talk with him which is important. He asks Abhimanyu to stop troubling Abhinav and Akshara. Abhir says Abhinav was upset when he left and now he is happy. He asks Abhimanyu not to hurt Abhinav as he is nice man. Abhir says Akshara have trust issues. He says Akshara says the one who comes close hurt the most. Abhimanyu assures Abhir that he will not hurt his parents. He hugs Abhir and feels connection. Abhimanyu helps Abhir in fixing his dress. He also decodes Abhir’s abbreviation.

Nelima asks Akshara to write Abhinav’s name on her mehndi too. Akshara think about Abhimanyu. She gets confused with Abhinav and asks him to keep Abhimanyu away from her. Abhimanyu and Akshara gets stunned. Abhinav asks Akshara if she got confused and scolded Abhimanyu too. Abhimanyu decide to change his clothes. Manjiri and Swarna talks about Arohi and Abhimanyu’s wedding. 

Abhir decide to propose Akshara. He sees her favourite flower. Muskaan asks Abhinav to propose Akshara before it gets late. Abhinav tries to give flower to Akshara. Abhir interrupts. Akshara takes the flower on her own. Nelima asks Akshara and Abhinav to take the blessing from Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Abhinav leaves the place for a moment and Abhimanyu over takes. Akshara gets stunned.

Nelima asks Akshara and Abhinav to take the blessing. Abhir gets excited to take the blessing too. Further, Akshara learn that Abhimanyu don’t follow any God. Abhimanyu and Akshara avoids each other. Neilma asks Akshara to sing. Akshara sit stunned. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Abhinav and Abhimanyu gets drunk. Abhimanyu says to Abhinav that he took away his Akshara.

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