Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th March 2023 Written Update: Abhir seeks Abhimanyu’s help


Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 24th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode,  Mahima says to Shefali and Abhimanyu that she don’t have problem with the engagement nor she is jealous of anyone’s happiness. She demands Birlas not to reveal Parth’s bad deed in front of the society until Shefali takes any decision. Shefali assures Mahima. She adds apart from Parth no one wishes bad for the house. Abhimanyu says to Shefali that he is very proud of her for taking the decision. He assures Shefali that he will carry on his relationships too. Manjiri gets happy.

Abhinav takes Akshara and Abhir on a date. Abhir demand pizza. Abhinav assure Abhir. He helps Akshara to come from the car. Manish talks with Swarna, Suhasini and Surekha that daughter’s bid adieu but parents don’t fail to take tension about their daughter. Swarna agree. She further looks for Kairav. Airav returns home. Manish confront Kairav. He asks where he was. Muskaan reveal to Goenkas that Kairav went to Kasauli. Kairav gets furious with Muskaan.

Abhir asks Abhinav to bring pizza. He gets excited. Abhinav asks Abhir to wait as pizza takes a time to get baked. Abhir falls short of breathe. Akshara asks Abhir if he is fine. Abhir decide to hide about his health from Akshara and Abhinav. He further think Akshara, Abhinav are happy and he can’t ruin their happiness. He goes out from the car.

Manish asks Kairav why he went to Kasauli. Kairav decide to hide about Abhinav being arrested. He tells to Goenkas that he went to mend his relationship with Akshara. Swarna, Manish and others gets happy. Surekha says to Muskaan that Kairav only told her that he is going to Kasauli. She says it is strange. Surekha further tell to Kairav that Arohi is doing engagement with Abhimanyu. Kairav gets angry. He thinks Arohi should learn from Akshara and should not repeat the mistake. Kairav refuse to attend Arohi’s engagement.

Akshara, Abhinav looks for Abhir post he goes missing. Abhir performs the exercise told by Abhimanyu. Akshara asks a stranger about Abhir. Stranger taunt Akshara. Abhinav fights with the stranger for disrespecting Akshara. Abhir comes. Akshara and Abhinav get happy. Abhinav asks Abhir to promise him that he will never leave. Abhir gives promise to Abhinav. Abhimanyu worry about Abhir’s health.

Akshara takes the evil eye off from Abhinav and Abhir. She further prepare for veneration. Goenkas prepare for Arohi’s engagement. Swarna takes the stress. Manish asks Swarna to leave things on destiny. Akshara calls Manish. Swarna hide Akshara about Arohi, Abhimanyu’s engagement. Manish asks the reason . Swarna says Arohi and Akshara are happy separately. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Abhimanyu learns about Abhir’s football match. Abhir faints after playing football match. Akshara worries for Abhir.

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