Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th March : Naira learns Javeri is behind Kartik’s accident

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Today’s episode begins with Naira and Naksh both reaching the hospital at exactly the exact same time. Naira worries for Kartik. Kartik inquires Naira about Kairav and falls unconscious. There, Javeri scolds his guy for hitting Kartik. Manish doubts Javeri and later learns about Kartik’s accident.

Goenka’s runs to fulfill Kartik. Javeri asks them not to stop by Kartik but Manish gets mad at him. At hospital, Naira yells and worries for Kartik. There, Kairav gets restless thinking who’s in hospital. Doctor informs Naira and Goenka’s that Kartik isn’t gaining consciousness. Thus they have to do his evaluations. Naira pleads physician to let her fulfill Kartik once. Doctor allows her.

Naira matches Kartik and apologizes him. Kairav stands stunned seeing Kartik. At Goenka home, Gayatri cries thinking if she did not have returned the hint than Kartik would not have met with an accident. Samarth accuses Naira for all the mess and Gayatri gets mad at him. Meanwhile, Trisha over hears Suhasini accusing Naira for submitting the case.

Other side, Naira cries in front of God and pleads him to heal Kartik. Kairav comes to Naira and wipes her tears. He hugs her and consoles him. Kairav apologize Naira for getting upset with her and Kartik. He says that he will now stay with them just.

Elsewhere, Suhasini accuses Trisha for Kartik’s condition. She calls her selfish. Trisha stands shocked. Kairav prays to God along with Naira.

There, Javeri worries believing what is going to happen when all will know he’s behind Kartik’s accident. Afterwards, Naira learns that Javeri is behind Kartik’s condition. She decides to fight back. Ahead, Naksh infroms Shivani and Naira who Mohan leaks seeing Kartik. Naira asks Naksh to locate the truck driver . And asks Shivani to assist them.

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