Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Story 17th August 2020 : Kartik lashes out at Naira


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Today’s episode starts with Keerti entering the house. She performs the dance with Goenka’s and seeks everyone’s blessings. She goes to Manish and Manish pushes her down. Kartik apologizes to Manish on keerti’s behalf. Naira too tries to help but Kartik asks to stop her drama. Naira takes the Rakshabandhan and tries to console Manish. She further asks Manish if he wants to tie Rakshi. Manish says yes. Keerti asks Goenka’s about Manish’s odd behavior.

Manish further gets ready to tie Rakhi from Naira’s hand. Goenka’s gets teary. Kartik recalls the flashback and drags Naira out and confronts her. He yells at Naira and accuses that because of her Manish is suffering. Naira tries to explain Kartik she doesn’t wanted to take that road but before she could complete, Kartik interrupts and blames her for the accident.

Naira tries to say Manish asks her to take that road but Kartik refuses to listen. Kartik than discloses Manish met with an accident because he stepped out from the house because of her as he wanted to return back her dance academy. Naira cries hearing Manish and Kartik turns stone hearted towards Naira. He lashes out at Naira. Naira apologizes to Goenka’s. Kartik asks Naira he will forgive him if she returns his father to him.

Kartik asks Naira to stay away from Manish. He asks her to leave. Naksh interrupts and Kartik asks Naksh to stay out from the matter. Naksh makes Kartik recall about his mother’s accident. Naira tries to stop Naksh but Naksh completes his word. He says to Kartik that all are feeling bad for Manish but atleast Mainsh is safe. He further says to Kartik he said he will forgive Naira once Manish will be normal than he too has a condition for him. He asks Kartik to return their mother. Kartik and other’s stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Goenka’s fight over Naira and Kartik.