Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Updates | YRKKH 10th January 2022 Written Update: A shocker for Abhimanyu and Goenkas


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Updates | YRKKH 10th January 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode; Abhimanyu says to Akshara that by big talks one can’t turn normal. He puts her hand in water and washes away her mehendi. Akshara cries and gazes at Abhimanyu. There, Akhilesh, Suhasini and Kairav check couple mehendi. Anand and Mahima wins the game. Anad gets happy.

Mahima looks for Arohi. Abhimanyu says to Akshara that he don’t want to keep any relationship with her. He says to her that he don’t want to see her again in his life. Abhimanyu adds he wants to turn stranger for her again. Akshara stands in shock. She sees her mehendi and cries. Abhimanyu recalls his words and gets restless. He wipes his tear.

Akshara hide her mehendi. Neel confront Arohi on roaming outside. Arohi escapes Neel. Neel decide to reveal Abhimanyu about Arohi. Shefali inform Mahima that Manjiri has gone to the temple. Goenkas look for Arohi and Akshara. Akshara come and Manish asks her about Arohi. Akshara looks for Arohi. Arohi come and Mahima confront her. She asks her what she purchased from the jeweller as she visited the same showroom. Arohi think she is planning for big win. She gives befitting reply to Mahima.

Arohi asks Akshara to put mehendi on her hand. Abhimanyu leave the place. Birlas too exist with Abhimanyu. Neel tries to reveal to Abhimanyu about Arohi. Abhimanyu refuse to listen to Neel. Neel decide to tell Akshara about Arohi. Here, Akshara asks Arohi why she went out. Arohi avoid the talk. Neel call Akshara and tell her about Arohi. He inform her about Arohi bribing someone.

Neel says Arohi is lying to Abhimanyu and he will be broken if her truth will be out. Akshara decide to confront Arohi. Arohi decide to go to the hospital. Akshara asks Arohi to whom she has given a money. Arohi avoid Akshara. Akshara runs behind Arohi’s car. She further meet with an accident. Abhimanyu falls down. Staff at Birla hospital worries for Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu gets restless thinking why he is not feeling good.

Akshara is taken to the Birla hospital. Abhimanyu sees blood on the floor and stands restless holding his heart. Arohi worry if Akshara will reveal to the Goenkas her truth.

Doctors decide to call senior doctor for Akshara’s aid. Abhimanyu is called to the operation. Kairav worry for Akshara. Manish asks Kairav not to worry. Abhimanyu stands stunned seeing Akshara struggling for her life. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Mahima encourages Abhimanyu to operate Akshara. Abhimanyu hesitates to operate Akshara.

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