Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Updates | YRKKH 29th July 2021 Written Update: Mauri’s health worsens


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke  29th July 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Narednra giving Ranveer’s mobile to Aradhana. He inform her that mobile hold Sirat’s confession in her voice and she can use it to defame her. Narednra asks to involve Sirat and Kartik both. Ardhana asks Narendra, if they have to involve Kartik too. Narendra nods yes. Kartik calls Aradhna and accepts her offer to give an exclusive interview. Aradhna gets happy getting Sirat’s confession and think she will frame Kartik too.

There, Kartik inform Goenka’s about his interview. Manish asks Kartik what he thought to speak to media. Aradhana enters the house and says to Manish that now Kartik will only speak in front of camera. Manish gets furious seeing press and asks Kartik why he didn’t informed him earlier. Here, Sirat catches fever. Ahead, Kartik asks Aradhana to love telecast his interview so that she can’t alter his words. Aradhana gets agree to go live. She sets her camera. Kartik see Ranveer’s mobile with Aradhana and recalls about Sirat’s confession. He pours water on the mobile and later apologize to Aradhana. Aradhana worry now how she will play Sirat’s confession as mobile is wet. Kartik think it is good he destroyed the evidence against Sirat.

Other side, Sirat shivers. Constable asks to call doctor for Sirat. They also play Kartik’s live interview at the police station too. Aradhana frames question for Kartik. Kartik reveals to the media how Sirat for the sake of Kairav entered in his life. Aradhana cross question Kartik and asks if Sirat is framing him in Ranveer’s murder case post Kartik claims he is just friend of Ranveer and Sirat. Narendra think why Aradhana is allowing Kartik to speak much.

Kartik replies to Aradhana that Ranveer is not murdered because he left the world because of his illness. He further praises Sirat’s goodness and urges Aradhana to meet Sirat once. Sirat thanks Kartik for trying to prove her not guilty. Aradhana asks Kartik if Sirat and Ranveer loved each other so much than why Sirat started to give poison to Ranveer. Manish says Kartik should give smart answers as Aradhana is clever.

Kartik asks Aradhana if she saw Sirat giving poison to Ranveer. Aradhana says medical report reads the same. Kartik tells to media, Ranveer died because of lead poisoning. He urge public not to accuse anyone without full proof. Aradhana asks Kartik when Ranveer was breathing his last, if he was present in the room along with Sirat or not. Kartik confesses, he was present in the room. Sirat gets irked with Aradhana’s question. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Sirat miss Mauri. Mauri wishes to see Sirat for last time. Kartik asks Mauri to stop talking odd. Mauri asks Kartik to take care of Sirat and breathe her last. Kartik stands shocked.

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