Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar : Abir offers his help to Kunal to get Kuhu back

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar 13th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode Begins with Abir and Kunal coming down with Kuhu’s bag. Rajshri asks Varsha if they will take Kunal with them also. Nidhi asks if they wish to make him a househusband. Mishti says it is a excellent idea since if Kuhu and Kunal leave she will predominate in the house for a queen. Everybody except Kuhu laugh. Nidhi states her Kuhu is the best and Mishti is wonderful. Abir thinks he must stop Kuhu. Parul states that she does not want Kuhu to depart. Abir states he and Kunal will bring both their antiques back shortly.

Kuhu and Kunal look at each other one final time before Maheshwari leave. Kuhu thinks that she won’t return in this house again after today. Mishti thinks she has to return in this home another day but wonders how they are going to stay together if Abir does not talk with Meenakshi.

Kuhu and Mishti enter into their area and Kuhu wonders how she’ll tell her secret to everyone. Mishti inquires Kuhu how she was able to make her place in a brand new house and says that everyone loves her so much. She asks Kuhu how she manages to become the center of attraction wherever she goes.

Kuhu tells Mishti that now she was the middle of the fascination though. Mishti replies it is just because it is her union. Kuhu counts the time each time Mishti has become the middle of the situation and Mishti states they were some difficult conditions and informs Kuhu she makes everything about her look like a Karan Johar film. She hopes for the play in her life to become reduced.

Rajshri and Varsha arrive there and asks them to sleep in time. Rajshri presents Kuhu the rings which belonged to Akshara. Mishti asks for her present and Rajshri snatches her phone saying that this is her present: no phone for complete the evening. She asks both of them to sleep and then depart. Mishti believes that tomorrow her new life will start. Kuhu believes that tomorrow everything will finish.

On the other hand Abir wonders if Mishti understands about Kuhu and Kunal and messages her asking if she knows that there are issues between them and they’re likely to divorce too.

Varsha comes downstairs and receives the message as she’s holding Mishti’s telephone but before she can see it Jasmeet asks her to consider what she had told her seeing Mishti snatching Kuhu’s happiness if she moves into Rajvansh Mansion too. Jasmeet leaves. Varsha claims that Mishti may have received an urgent message but the telephone is locked.

Kunal Won’t speak with Abir about the matter. Abir gets mad and starts packing his things. Kunal asks him to calm down and take it easy. Abir says he has known that he does not want to remain with Kuhu and they’d forced him now he’ll eliminate Kuhu for him.

Meenakshi tells Nanu that she’s given this home to Mishti and asks him if Abir will forgive her today. Nanu states she can’t purchase Mishti and Abir. Meenakshi informs him that it’s only a blessing and shows that she’s leaving tomorrow.

Kunal inquires Abir if he really wants him to leave Kuhu. Abir says he is the person who desires it and blames himself for not fighting him when Meenakshi forcefully got him married to Kuhu. He says that it has to be a punishment for him to remain with a person he does not like. He’s going to eliminate Kuhu and Kunal’s image and Kunal asks him to be careful. Abir says they are cautious about things they care about not odd people like Kuhu who speaks lots of nonsense and is not a bit like Kunal.

The latter asks him to stop and informs Abir he does not know if Kuhu differs from him since he’s discovering himself now just. He blames himself for doing so wrong with Kuhu who has remained with him and his family despite everything and has become so important for everyone. He says that she’s extremely different and he can’t let her leave. Kunal turns around and sees Abir grinning and understands he was doing drama until today. Abir informs him that if this is how he says he loves Kuhu, it is an awful way.

Kunal says he is not able to talk like him and blames himself for not being able to inform Kuhu he wants this union not this divorce. Abir says he wants to tell this to Kuhu who does not know thelepathy even though she’s wonderful. Kunal asks if he’ll help him and Abir answers of course. They hug. Kunal looks at his and Kuhu’s picture. Abir tells him that he’s proud of him and he will fight for his love, he’ll stand with him.

The following morning Parul sees Meenakshi making the haldi and Parul informs her that she’ll take this haldi for the ritual only. Meenakshi thanks her. Nanu sees that and thinks that Meenakshi has changed a great deal and is making so many attempts. He wonders if he will speak to Abir or Mishti.

Kuhu looks at her divorce and believes that she must disclose about it to her mother. Mishti is excited abour her wedding while Kuhu is sad. Mishti finds that and asks her why she is not taunting her as usual. Kuhu isn’t in the mood. Mishti states she and Kunal are equally strange and remembers how he had been flirting and dancing with Kuhu last moment. She states that she believed that they will go to a romantic date following the party but rather she came here. Kuhu recalls arguing with Kunal prior to leaving.

Afterwards they both come downstairs. Title monitor plays while Mishti happily dances with everyone.
At precisely the exact same time Abir’s haldi function begins too and everyone applies haldi on him while Meenakshi looks at them .

Maheshewari family dances happily together. Rajshri asks Mishti to be impatient but she’s very excited.
Kunal receives a message from Kuhu who wishes to meet him. Abir snatches his telephone and answers Kuhu.

Mishti takes her family’s picture with Kuhu’s phone believing that there’s nobody luckier than her in this world. She receives a call from attorney who requests Kuhu to meet her prior to the hearing as she’ll await her outisde the courtroom at 2.45pm. Mishti gets confused. Kuhu gets back her phone and pretends it was a call from Fourt Spa not courtroom.

Mishti claims that she heard courtroom. Kuhu states she should not have heard anything as it is her call. Mishti insists that she needs to come back with spa with her but Kuhu refuses so Mishti calls the spa herself to take an appointment with Kuhu. Surprisingly the spa receptionist tells her that Kuhu actually has an appointment at 2.45pm. Mishti

Apologizes to Kuhu stating she got stressed as she heard court and believed there is a problem. Kuhu says that she’s the biggest problem in her life and asks her to consider the wedding only. Mishti apologizes but Kuhu asks her not to say sorry and not make any play now. She goes upstairs and believes that she’d taken the appointment at spa thankfully but she must go to court and after she will need to reveal everything to everybody.


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