Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 3rd March : Abir and Mishti are unable to do the pooja

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 3rd March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Doctor inquiring Mishti and Jugnu what Abir ate last night. Jugnu states he had cold coffee just like everyone. Doctor asks if something was blended in Abir’s coffee. Mishti denies that since everybody had the identical coffee and no one came from outside. She asks physician to make Abir fine whenever possible since they must go to the temple. Doctor says he must get Abir’s blood sample initially to perform the test and understand what he had. Mishti thinks to notify Meenakshi. Abir begins getting consciousness.

On the other hand Meenakshi looks at Kuhu and believes Kuhu and Mishti’s fact will arrive in front of both families when the two will fight and everyone will know that she was correct and these two are not great for her sons.

Kuhu calls Kunal and asks him to return to help her. Kunal says he has come home to check if Abir is there so he’ll return immediately after checking.

Jugnu sees Kunal and hides the physician. He belongs to Kunal and informs him that Abir is not home since he’s gone to find a particular garland for Shiv Ji. Kunal asks Jugnu to inquire Abir to call him once he comes back home. Kunal leaves.
Jugnu apologizes to doctor who tells him that he will email the report to Mishti and then leaves. Mishti asks Jugnu to call a car. She’s holding an half conscious Abir.

Meanwhile Jasmeet claims that Mishti must have trapped Abir somewhere. Meenakshi says that Mishti has organized all of the decoration to the pooja so why she should make Abir late. Jasmeet taunts Mishti. Meenakshi says it is impossible that Abir got late due to Mishti. Rajshri and Varsha come and ask what happened. Meenakshi informs her that Jasmeet is stating that Mishti is creating pooja overdue for the pooja intentionally. Jasmeet states that she’d heard Mishti speaking to her friend about a celebration on phone. Meenakshi says that even if Abir and Mishti went to the party last night, Abir must have waken up early. Jasmeet claims that Mishti could have drunk. Pandit Ji hears that. Rajshri claims that Mishti does not even touch alcohol. Meenakshi informs him that Abir does not drink too and asks Rajshri to create Jasmeet understand that. She believes that half of the job is completed and half will be performed when Mishti will come there not walking correctly.

Mishti makes Abir sit bed. He hugs her and asks her if he’s charming. She asks him to look at himself. He says he has looked at himself in her eyes. She states that his jokes are tired also like him and then asks him if he ate or drank something after cold coffee. He says he had a tbsp of Mishti. She asks him to stop it because they’re getting late for the pooja. Abir pulls her closer and says he loves her. She asks him to let her prepare and moves in front of mirror. Mishti asks him if he’s thought what to tell everyone as soon as they reach the temple. Abir says he is not able to think anything when she’s facing him. He attempts tying her mangalsutra but isn’t able to stand correctly. He attempts filling her maang with sindoor but falls into her arms.

Meenakshi asks Kunal to go to check out where Abir is because Abhishek time is coming and Abir must do it.
Mishti and Abir sit at the auto rikshaw. Jugnu informs Mishti he told Kunal they went to receive a special garland. Mishti says he must have told the truth to Kunal because he might have helped. She asks Jugnu to inquire Kunal to call her if he calls him.

Varsha asks Meenakshi if they could not contact Abir yet. Meenakshi says no and asks Kunal to go to test. Kuhu claims that Kaushal can go but Meenakshi needs Kunal to go. Kunal leaves.

Abir and Mishti are in the automobile. Mishti asks Abir how he’s feeling. He says that there’s magic in her voice and puts his head on her shoulder. Mishti wonders how this occurred.

On the other hand Parul claims that thankfully Kuhu completed decoration work. Varsha informs Pandit Ji to not worry because Kunal has to be arriving with Abir and Mishti and pooja will occur on time only. Jasmeet says that she’s guessing only but really Abir and Mishti have not called yet. Nidhi says they can not do pooja without them. Jasmeet says that all of the arrangements were done by Kuhu so that she must do the aarti.

Mishti tells Abir that she’ll tell everyone that she’s him a pain killer that made him sleepy. He says that she should say that she did magic . Mishti states that she’d have made a movie of him if she had not switched off her mobile from fear. She asks him to sleep and believes that when the pooja is done she will need to find out who did so with Abir. She believes to change on the mobile.

Rajshri claims that Abir does the pooja each year. Jasmeet says he has not come yet. Vishambharnat asks her to stop being stubborn because they’re guests there. Nanu says they are family and Jasmeet is correct: Kuhu and Kunal can perform the pooja. Meenakshi indicates to wait for five minutes more since Abir is her son and will do the pooja. Rajshri claims that if he does not come then her younger son can perform the pooja too. Nanu agrees.

Abir and Mishti hit the temple and come from auto. Abir says he has headache. Mishti supports him and helps him walking.

Meenakshi insists to wait. Varsha inquires Rajshri if Meenakshi does not want Kuhu to perform the pooja. Rajshri asks her to not think in this way. Everybody tries persuasive Meenakshi to allow Kuhu and Kunal perform the pooja. Meenakshi thinks that she won’t ever forgive Kuhu and Mishti if Abir does not do the pooja.

Abir tells Mishti he understands everything will be fine till she’s with him. He says he does not know what happened to him but they’ll find it out. He’s going to fall but Mishti holds him.

Kunal and Kuhu are going to perform the aarti when Kunal sees Abir and Mishti coming. Everyone goes to them. Mishti asks Abir to not leave ber hand. Meenakshi asks them why they were late. Mishti informs that she gave Abir a pain killer. Pandit Ji asks them if one of these had alcohol since in this case they can not do the pooja. Mishti recalls doctor stating that he’s afraid Abir had some alcohol and believes that she can’t lie. Rajshri claims that none of them drink. Mishti pretends that her mind is turning and apologizes for being late for her. She asks Pandit Ji to initiate the aarti while they’ll sit only and asks Kunal to perform the aarti.

After some time Mishti makes Abir sit apologizes since the pooja was his right. She says she’ll find out what happened to him. She calls the doctor and asks him to send the report.

Meenakshi wonders why Abir did not say a word. Kuhu is fearful that Mishti knew there was something mixed in the java. Meenakshi thinks that Abir could not perform the aarti and Kuhu and Mishti did not argue too. Kunal and Kuhu do the aarti.

Abir apologizes to Mishti for being unable to take part in the aarti for him. He indicates to distribute prasad to poor men and women. They do this and are content. Abir feels headache. Mishti asks him if he had anything after cold coffee. He says that he’d only cold coffee. Mishti wonders if Kuhu did something but thinks that she can’t do anything with Abir. The latter feels his mind thick so Mishti makes him sit and goes to get water for him.

Meenakshi takes Kuhu on side and asks her if Mishti was stopping Abir from performing the aarti. Kuhu refuses to provide any response on Mishti’s behalf. Mishti overhears their conversation. Meenakshi says that Abir skipped the pooja for the first time and she’s upset due to that. She asks Kuhu if Mishti had drunk since both Mishti and Abir did not respond when Pandit Ji asked them if they’d alcohol. Kuhu answers that Mishti only does anything she desires just, she does not understand why they were overdue since Mishti did not tell her anything. Meenakshi leaves.

Mishti wonders if Kuhu did all this because she’s always badmouthed about her.

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