Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : Meenakshi asks Mishti’s hand for Abir

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 4th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Mishti confessing that she enjoys Abir still she was prepared to wed Nishant until she believed that Abir was at risk and realized that she’s nothing without him. She says that she can not see as much disappointment in their eyes so she decided to escape and she understands that they have to be thinking that she’s not their own blood and must be regretting bringing her dwelling. She adds that she does not deserve them and their love so she needs to depart but Nishant stops her saying that he is the person who should leave.

He’s going to go but complete the family attempts stopping him. Abir asks him to listen to his mommy and remain. Jasmeet scolds him and informs him that Meenakshi won’t ever allow Mishti become her daughter in law so he’s hurt her son . Abir promises her to not let anything happen to Nishant. The latter blames him for destroying his day and his union. Kuhu asks Mishti if she’s sure that she would like to allow Nishant go.

Abir turns and walks off. Nishant asks him to cease and congratulates with him for winning. He asks Abir to talk rather than walking off and wants him to tell everyone how he met with the collision. Abir says he knows he is Mishti’s best friend since the day she mistakenly called him Nishant rather than Abir.

Nishant informs him when Mishti called him Abir he strove to get married to her when possible instead. She tells Mishti he is the reason behind Abir’s accident and that he might have rescued Abir but he did not. Abir tries saying that it wasn’t his mistake but Nishant goes to Vishambharnat stating that he’s weak, he had been wrong to ask them to get him married to Mishti rather than rescuing Abir and he adds that Abir is far better than him everything and he was correct when he stated that this story is all about Mishti and Abir and he is only a chapter of it. He apologizes to Jasmeet for not being a good son and friend. Abir asks Nishant to not let his family that loves him so much go.

Nishant says he is just like Mishti so he asks Vishambharnat to get Mishti and Abir married. He requests Jasmeet to give them blessings on their wedding and asks Kuhu to give back the decoration. Mishti asks Nishant to not go. He answers that he fell in love with her so that he can not see her marrying somebody else. Jasmeet isn’t prepared to allow Nishant go but he leaves saying he wants to stay alone.

Abir apologizes to everyone for giving them so much pain.
Meenakshi asks Mishti to come with her. She takes her inside the temple. Everybody follows her. Meenakshi says facing Ambe Maa’s idol she has never enjoyed Mishti and has done everything possible to keep her away from her son so God put Abir’s life at risk because her punishment and Mishti saved him . She informs Abir she did everything for her family just and apologizes to everybody linking her hands. Parul cries hugging Kunal. Meenakshi asks Vishambharnat to give Mishti’s hands for Abir and promises that she’ll make sure that Mishti remains happy forever. She states that she will be awaiting their response and their forgiveness.

Nishant stops the car and comes out. Kuhu is with him and asks him what happened. Nishant asks her to take the car and return while he’ll leave from there. Kuhu cries saying that he’s leaving her because of Mishti who broke his heart. Nishant says he broke his heart because he fell in love with Mishti understanding that she does not love him. Kuhu claims that people get pressured to do this in love and hugs him. Nishant asks Kuhu to organise Mishti and Abir’s wedding . He leaves. Kuhu claims she hates Mishti for damaging her loved ones.

Rajshri tries talking to Vishambharnat and states that she knows he’s upset. He says he is upset with himself for not seeing the pain he gave to Mishti. Rajshri asks him not to blame himself. He asks her what difference there is between him and Abir. Mishti comes and says that there’s not any difference as both of them love her the most.

Kunal thanks Kuhu since Mishti and Abir are united thanks to her and nobody is against them too. He’s extremely content. He requests Kuhu to give him an opportunity to correct all of his mistakes and to demonstrate he wants to help her preparation Mishti and Abir’s wedding. He promises her that he won’t get angry or do play but will do anything to keep her family happy. Kuhu claims that everyone is happy now that Mishti’s fairytale was completed. She asks him to speak later as now she’s tired.

Mishti claims that Vishambharnat admitted her but Rajshri cuts her stating that now nobody should discuss the fact that she isn’t their daughter and says that today they ought to consider her bidaai as Meenakshi herself asked her hands for Abir. She sees that Vishambharnat is not convinced about it and leaves requesting him to converse with Mishti.

Vishambharnat tells Mishti he won’t have the ability to shield him from Meenakshi if she decides to wed Abir. He says that he does not trust Meenakshi whatsoever and asks Mishti if she really wants to become the daughter-in-law of the house after anything happened. Abir is there and overhears their conversation.


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