Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : Rajvansh family and Maheshwaris get ready for Abir and Mishti’s sangeet

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Rajshri speaking to Jasmeet and asking her if she still feels that Abir and Mishti’s connection isn’t right.

Abir asks Parul to provide prasad to Meenakshi. Kunal comes and inquires Abir why he requested Meenakshi to not be a part of his wedding functions. Abir knows that he felt bad and informs him that he had not intended to do it but he understood that people were forcing themselves to make everything seem normal but the situation did not appear normal even after Meenakshi apologized. Kunal agrees and asks him what he can do for him if he can help. Abir asks him to assist him making Mishti’s day special.

Nanu comes and says that the sangeet will occur today only. Abir contested the bride’s family saying that this time they’ll shed since Kuhu is on their side but Kuhu claims that she’s on Varsha’s side only. Kunal claims that she’s her spouse where Kuhu replies that she’s a daughter first. Nidhi inquires Abir and Kunal what they’ll do today. Abir claims that they will win only. Kunal takes Abir aside and asks him how they’ll win now that Kuhu is not on their side. Abir says that they’ll lose just and that will be their success too because this will make Kuhu and Mishti happy. Nanu calls Abir and he belongs to him. Kunal thinks he is a loser and when Kuhu leaves he’ll become a become a bigger loser and decides to do something through sangeet that will make Kuhu neglect to leave him on 15th February. He looks at her and then looks on.

Meenakshi is in her room and believes that God is with her and she can not break. Parul arrives to give her prasad. She states that she can know her pain more than anyone else. Meenakshi cries as her son ditched her again. Parul tries calming her down and says that this pain will not stay longer and that which will get nice. She states that Abir would have never done this if she did not despise Mishti so much. Meenakshi thinks about it.

Rajshri asks Vishambharnat to speak to Abir and ask him to change his decision about not allowing Meenakshi be a part of the wedding because she’s his mother but Vishambharnat refuses remembering Meenakshi’s dangers due to which he’d thought about becoming Mishti and Nishant wed as soon as possible. He states that Abir understands who he should call in his union and who not. Abir overhears their conversation and gsts shocked hearing that Meenakshi jeopardized Vishambharnat.

Mishti comes and inquires Abir what’s wrong. Abir changes the subject and states he is going to conquer her in sangeet. Kuhu comes and shows that she has already thought about the subject too so that they will win only. Kunal comes and says that her subject is going to be something dumb only which appears seemingly beautiful but has no profound meaning since she has not worth of feelings and reminds her how she did not appreciate his gift. Abir tells Mishti these are husband things. Kuhu calls Kunal loser and he states he’s not. Kuhu says that this needs to be seen when he might need to perform with no theme since she’s not going to disclose what theme she’s chosen. Kunal replies it is impossible for her not to flaunt on social media concerning the subject decided or it means she has not picked a theme yet. Kuhu gets frustrated. Abir asks Kunal to not bother Kuhu who leaves. Abir follows her asking the subject.
Vishambharnat and Rajshri look at them and Vishambharnat reveals Rajshri how joyful Abir looks despite everything that happened.

Kunal and Mishti are left alone and he congratulates her while she thanks him for anything he did. Kunal asks her to inform the subject and Mishti laughs saying that she does not know about it as well. Rajshri claims that she feels Mishti is going to be happy in this house.

Afterwards Kuhu admits to Rajshri and Varsha that there’s not any theme decided. Rajshri claims that Kunal was appropriate. Kuhu asks her to not take their enemy’s side and adds that she’s already worried because Jasmeet is not prepared to dance. Mishti is hiding behind a pillar and is on call with Abir who hears everything. Mishti wonders what’s happening between Kuhu and Kunal. Abir informs her that Kunal is choreographing everybody and the only thing possible is that he can lose to her intentionally. Mishti asks him if he believes he can win and states he is going to lose only. She cuts the telephone and looks at the correspondence (kuhu and Kunal’s divorce note ) the article guy gave in the afternoon. Rajshri comes and asks her to bring Jasmeet down .

Kunal is frustrated because nobody can dance. Nidhi says that she’s missing Kuhu a lot. Kunal asks everyone to not take name of anyone who’s a part of enemies’ team. Parul scolds him for calling his wife as enemy and speaking to Nidhi like this. Kunal apologizes and Abir mocks him. Kunal says they are not likely to lose at any price.

Mishti informs Kuhu that Kunal is choreographing everybody and she has not even determined the theme. Rajshri, Varsha, Mishti intentionally say they are likely to lose facing Jasmeet so that she unites them. Rajshri says it isn’t significant if they lose or win. Kuhu states she can not lose to Kunal. Mishti asks to decide the measures first and then they may find a theme.

Abir is trying to consider the subject too and asks Rajvansh family not to disclose it to anybody about it. Nidhi says they can not reveal it because they do not know it as well. Abir says that they need to remember the reason due to which they do this just and Ketki asks him what’s that. Her dad comes and says they are doing this to win.

Mishti, Kuhu, Varsha and Rajshri decide to perform bhangra but they are not able to do it. Jasmeet gets up and scolds them for dance so badly and calling it Bhangra.

Kunal says he isn’t likely to lose to Kuhu at any price and asks Abir to decide on a theme which will leave everybody shocked. Nidhi asks Abir to believe something that will make this wedding the best. Abir states that it is MishBir’s wedding and nothing could be better of this.

Meenakshi receives a call from a guy and she asks assistance to him stating that she’ll tell him exactly what to do. Abir comes and asks her if she’s likely to get him and Mishti separated. He says that he had come to apologize for doing wrong with her but now he’ll stand against her. Meenakshi asks him to trust her and asks him to look at her phone if he wants. Abir refuses saying that he would like to be happy today and leaves. Kunal witnesses that and feels awful seeing tears in Meenakshi’s eyes and wonders why nobody trusts her.

Kunal goes downstairs and sees Parul working. She sees him and asks if Kuhu is not coming back home. He asks her if she told her anything and she states that she’s asking her as she does not know that. Kunal wants to speak with her about something else and informs her that Meenakshi did wrong but asks if Abir is doing right with her. Parul claims that Abir was strict with his mother but he was correct as a would be husband. She states that when a woman leaves her home after marriage, her husband takes her obligation so Abir did right and he’d have done the exact same for Kuhu. Kunal thinks he must have done that for Kuhu but he did not and wonders if they could have a new start of the life but maybe Kuhu does not wish a life with him after whatever he did.

In the day Meenakshi looks at her family observing and being joyful. Yeh rishtey hain pyaar ke title track plays. She wipes her tears. Nanu sees her and she looks away. She calls the guy she had called before and asks him if he attained. He replies he is coming inside.