Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story 29th August 2020 : Abir shares his pain with Meenakshi


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Today’s episode starts with Mishti telling to the family that she and Abir is ready to start the family. Maheswari’s and Rajvnash family gets happy. Mishti says this is the only good news she has once anything happen, Nidhi will let them know. Everyone laughs. Meanwhile, Abir gets a call and he leaves the place.

Here, Meenakshi shares with all her struggle of the life and says once the baby will come she will shower all her love to him/her. She gets teary and Rajshree console her. There, Abir asks doctor how she can be so sure. Doctor says Mishti’s so far report says she can’t conceive. And if she does also than her miscarriage chances are high. Abir leaves the place.

Other side, Rajshree says to Meenakshi once baby will come, her secret will be out. Meenakshi gets shocked and asks which secret. Rajshree says the secret that she has a soft-heart. Mishti hugs Meenakshi. When Vishambhar, Rajshree and Meenakshi shower their love to Mishti, Jasmeet gets irked. Jasmeet asks Varsha to make Kuhu understand before it gets late. She says it just baby talk started once baby will arrive, Meenakshi will shower all her love to the baby.

Ahead, Abir recalls doctor words and gets sad. He saves a baby in a pram who was about to meet with an accident. There, Mishti gets shocked seeing broken rope of hope. Afterwards, Kuhu discuss with Kunal that Varsha and Jasmeet wants her to get pregnant before Mishti. She says she don’t understand earlier Varsha stops her to don any competition with Mishti but now she wants her to get pregnant first. Kunal makes Kuhu understand Varsha is right in her place but he is not ready to take responsibility of a baby. He says Meenakshi and business both needs him now. And she is his priority. Kunal’s word impressed Kuhu.

Later, Meenakshi announces to give her business share to Mishbir’s upcoming child. Everyone gets happy. Kuhu, Varsha and Jasmeet stands shocked. Abir interrupts and says they all are thinking about very far. Meenakshi and other defend Abir.

Further, Abir gets restless thinking about Mishti. Meenakshi comes to Abir and asks him to share why he is stressed. Abir reveals to Meenakshi that Mishti can’t conceive. He breaks down in Meenakshi’s arm. Meenakshi consoles him. She encourages Abir to face the trouble with strong heart. Meenakshi supports Abir. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Mishti learns she can’t get pregnant ever.