Ziddi Dil Maane Na 26th March 2022 Written Update: Monami holds Balli responsible for Karan’s death.


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The episode starts with Monami crying seeing Karan struggling for his life. Karan says Monami that he don’t have much time left. Baby gets scared as her Barbie and Karan’s photo both are broken. She’s scared for him and wants to speak with him. Her mother says they will speak with him and not to worry. Monami cries hardly and Karan says that not much are so lucky to die for the nation. In academy, Prem ji says that they took oath without knowing its value then but now they will take oath with whole heart. They take oath with their slogan.

Karan asks promise from Monami and Monami says she will promise whatever he wants but they need to get out of here safely. He confesses his love to Monami. Karan says that he wants to hear it from her too and Monami confesses her love to Karan. All the cadets plan for Monami’s birthday party while Sid is upset. Karan says Mon that he’s a commando and they won’t cry for a commando’s death but celebrate it. Karan breathes his last in Monami’s arms.

Sanjana wants to go in seeing the burning building but Ustad ji stops her saying there’s a chance for the people to have lost their lives. Sanjana gets angry at him. Monami cries hugging Karan’s body and refuses to come with Balli. She faints with him. Bhatra sees Parakram name board on floor and feels something wrong. Balli comes out with Monami in his hands. He says that they couldn’t save Karan and everyone breaks down. Faizi calls Bhatra and informs the same. He too breaks down. They pay their last respect to Karan and takes away uncomfortable Monami in his arms. At hospital, Monami wakes up shouting Karan’s name and asks for him but Bhatra says that Karan is no more shocking Monami. Faizi says Monami that every thing ended and that Karan left them. Monami is crying recalling Karan’s memories.

She shouts Karan and Sanjana hugs her. Monami says Sanjana that they shouldn’t let Karan leave just like that. She says that whoever is responsible for his death will die for sure and she will not leave them. She says Bhatra that she won’t leave them. Sanjana says the same. Monami asks where is Balli and Faizi says he escaped. Monami says that if there’s someone who’s responsible for Karan’s death then it’s Balli and she wants Balli. Bhatra promises Monami that they will find Balli in 24 hours and will bring him in front of her.

Precap : Charu will meet Balli and will ask him to go back to academy. She will ask him to bring the right pen drive and will say that Karan is dead.

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