Ziddi Dil Maane Na 3rd June 2022 Written Update: Param realizes his mistake.


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The episode starts with Karan coming in front of everyone shocking everyone especially Param. Param asks them to stop the nonsense and asks what’s happening there. He says Karan is dead and how can he come back. Karan says its not a prank and that he’s alive and came back. Param still refuses to believe when Karan says that he knows his truth. Param asks what’s the truth. He says he’s no more the loyal commando of the academy but a terrorist. Karan calls Balli and Balli comes there. Param and everyone gets shocked. Karan taunts Param and Param still refuses to believe. Monami says that his surprise does not end there and shows him Barkha and Baby alive.

Param’s shock keeps increasing. Param says that they were dead. Barkha says he tried killing them but Karan saved them. Param’s men locks all the doors and leaves completing their work. Param says Bhatra that it’s not true and says Karan can’t be alive. Karan asks why and Param says he can’t because it’s him who gave the order to kill him and who confirmed that he’s dead. Karan says their men got fooled and he’s alive. Param says it’s not possible as he’s the master mind in the plan.

Sid and Faizi notices the gas smell and tries checking but finds all the doors locked. Bhatra confronts Param was his cheap activity and says he’s ashamed of him. He says he has only one option that is to surrender. They were about to arrest him but Param takes Monami at gun point and tries escaping. Sid finds one cylinder and closes it. Faizi says that it’s a plan and they need to find all the cylinder and close it. Sid finds the other two cylinders and tries closing it but it was hard. Sanjana closes the cylindrical and Sid is shocked to see her. She asks if he’s fine and Sid says he is till now.

Param ties Monami in a secret room and says that no one could find the secret place. Karan comes there barging and warns him to not involve Monami in their issue. Param says that Monami got involved the moment she helped him. He says that he got tortured like hell by the terrorists and puts his life at risk for the country. He says that the country didn’t return the favour and didn’t even try to find him.

Bhatra says its not true as they killed everyone who were responsible for his pain but the terrorists lied to him. He says that they successfully managed to brainwash his best commando. Karan says that he was his idol and God. Param refuses to believe them and asks them to not try trap him in their emotional speech. Param threatens to shoot Monami and says that he knows Karan can’t shoot him. Monami hits his leg and Param loses his balance. Karan makes use of the opportunity and fired at him. Karan says that he will always choose his country over anything.

Karan says Barkha it’s tone for them to go. Barkha comes in front of Param who’s recovered after treatment and is now getting arrested. Param apologies Barkha and says that when he fought for life and death in hospital he realised his mistakes. He pleads her to forgive if she could. Barkha says that he was not with her neither before nor now.

However she says that she was Commando Param Shergill’s wife then but now she’s culprit Param Shergill’s wife. She says that she can try to forgive him but he may never happen too. Param says his real punishment is that and asks her not to forgive him. Param then apologizes Monami that he could neither become her Param Sir or Param Bhaiyya. Param says to Karan that he repents for what he did but is proud of him. Karan says that he doesn’t know whether he could forgive but asks him to try to forgive himself. He asks him to come back stronger.

Precap : Karan and Monami will throw a party and will dance together and the show will end on a happy note.

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