Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 11th August 2022 Written Update: Emily’s earnest request to Anandibaa


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Episode starts with Emily assuring Anandibaa that she will win the competition and tells that this year also their sweet dish will get inside the temple. Anandibaa looks at Emily and gets furious, she scolds her for writing her name instead of Anandibaa and declares that if Emily fails to win the competition then she will have to leave the house. Everyone gets shocked, except for Gunjan as the latter enjoys the drama created by herself. Meanwhile, Emily agrees to Anandibaa’s conditions and proclaims that if she won then the latter have to allow her inside the kitchen, to which Anandibaa agrees.

Here, Emily proclaim to win the competition, while Anandibaa confronts her asking that if she feels, she cooks better then her? To which Emily denies and tells that she will try her best to get Anandibaa’s forgiveness. Whereas, Gunjan smirks thinking about her next move in order to get Emily out of their house.

Gunjan and Pinky gets inside their room and the latter warns her sister to be aware of Emily. She declares that they have to get rid of Emily as soon as possible. She notify about their intention, while at that time Emily comes there. Pinky gets scared seeing her and falls on her legs pleading for forgiveness.

Elsewhere, Pinky puts the blame on Gunjan and states that the latter forces her to do all the bad things. She requests Emily not to lodge any complaint against them, while Gunjan gets furious at Pinky for betraying her. At that time Emily removes her earpods and says that she couldn’t able to hear anything they talked about and questions if they want to say anything? To which Pinky immediately denies.

Emily goes away from Gunjan’s room while the latter glares at Pinky for trying to betray her. Pinky apologises to Gunjan and tells about her fear to go to the jail. She also tells that she have counted all the ways to go out of the house. Gunjan questions about the reason, to which the katter replies that she is scared of getting caught and declares that she doesn’t want to go to the Jail.

Ahead, Aarav goes inside Emily’s room and gets mesmerized seeing her. They both gets into an eyelock, while he apologises for staring her continuously. She requests him for his help to win the competition and ask for the essentials, while he thinks that if she wins the competition then they won’t be able to go to America. He denies to help Emily and makes up some excuses.

Anandibaa expresses her anger in front of Kanchan, Gulab and Aagya. The latter shows his support towards his mother blindly and expresses his frustration towards Emily. Whereas, Gulab assures to help Anandibaa while the latter gives a warning to him. Meanwhile, Emily confronts Anandibaa and shows her a doll. She states that they both can talk to her, whenever they want to communicate with one another.

Further, Emily insists Anandibaa to give her blessings. The latter shows her anger reminding about Emily’s mistake, while the latter gives an emotional speech and refers to the traditional values. Anandibaa agrees to bless Emily and then remembers that her blessings always works. She questions herself that what if Emily wins the competition? Meanwhile, Gunjan and Pinky observes Emily and the latter tells her sister that Emily isn’t a threat to them.

Precap:- Emily tells Aarav that she got the recipe to make the sweet dish just like Anandibaa. The latter gets confused and ask about it, while she replies that Gunjan has given her the exact recipe of Anandibaa’s dish. Aarav gets worried and states that it is cheating, to which Emily tells that the main concern is to protect Anandibaa’s reputation by winning the competition. Meanwhile, Aarav notify Jaman about the matter and sends her inside the room to get the recipe, whereas Gunjan gets worried thinking about the punishment Anandibaa will give if she finds about the recipe. Whereas, at that time Anandibaa comes inside Gunjan’s room holding the recipe and confronts her.

Episode starts with Anandibaa giving a punishment for Emily. She declares that she won’t talk to her as a punishment and goes away from there. Whereas, Aarav gets elated after convincing Anandibaa for letting Emily stay. He expresses his happiness, while Emily meets Kanchan and others. Everyone gets happy for Emily, except for Gunjan. Meanwhile, Aarav tells Emily that he will never let anything happen to her. He also becomes relieved thinking that he saved his dream to visit America with Emily.

Here, Emily smiles looking at Aarav and decides to give a special surprise for him. She ties a clothe on his eyes and takes him to upstairs. She declares that she wants to make him feel like he is in America and then opens his blindfold. She makes him sit on the chair and notify him about her daily routine in America.

Emily makes Aarav eat the food which she prepared for him while he gets elated having the taste of American food. They both shares an eyelock and spends a quality time with one another. Whereas, Parimal gets worried thinking about the task given by Parimal. He gets restless to complete it and then sees Aagya going to take a shower.

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